Q&A with Logan Gray

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with redshirt freshman QB Logan Gray.

Parker Morgan: What's the feeling like with opening day only days away?

Logan Gray: It's definitely exciting. Knowing that you get a chance to play. Especially after redshirting. You sit out the whole year and you're watching every game for the sideline. I think me and the whole team is anxious to get our there and play.

PM: How tough is it to have a year where you know there's no chance at playing time?

LG: It was really good to learn and just see everything from a different perspective, not on the field. But especially playing in the Sugar Bowl and stuff when everyone's getting into the game, you want to get in there too, but hopefully it will be a building block into the future which is now.

PM: How has it been working at punt returner?

LG: It's been alright so far. I'm not sure what's going to happen just yet. Only coach Fab I think knows that. We'll just see what happens. I can only control what I can control. If I'm back there during the game I'm going to do everything in my power to be ready for it.

PM: Is the fact that there's only three quarterbacks on scholarship an issue, or has anybody really made that an issue?

LG: Not really. Nobody around here has really made it that big of a deal. It'd be one if they asked Matthew Stafford to go back there and return punts. But it hasn't really been talked about a lot. If you're worried about guys getting hurt on special teams at any position, we wouldn't have anybody to play special teams at all. So quarterback hasn't really been that much of a factor.

PM: Did you return punts at all in high school?

LG: I did do it in high school a little bit. Especially when I was in younger. I didn't do it too much when I was a junior or senior because my coaches didn't want me getting hurt or anything, but I did a little bit in high school.

PM: How has it been having Aron White at Georgia to go through this experience with you?

LG: It's been nice, him being down here. It's just somebody to relate to. He's always there for me if I need to talk to somebody and vice versa between me and him. That's been good, but all our teammates I think get along.

PM: What do you see him bringing to the offensive scheme?

LG: He might be a little bit smaller than some of our tight ends, but he was definitely used to catching the ball in high school. Hopefully if he just keeps working on stuff he can bring that kind of receiving dimension to the tight end position.

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