Ga. Southern Week: Thursday News and Notes

ATHENS - David Hale's news and notes from Georgia's 2008 fall practices.


If Georgia manages a victory in its season opener Saturday, head coach Mark Richt won't spend much time soaking in the glory. He'll be rushing to his car to get to Atlanta in time to see his son, Jon, dress for his first collegiate game.

Although Richt said there were no guarantees Jon would dress for the Clemson-Alabama game at the Georgia Dome, it seemed likely he would.

"Jon said he believes all scholarship players will dress," Mark Richt said with a smile, "but I don't trust true freshmen."

So Richt will finish his own game, which kicks off at 12:30 p.m., handle post-game activities, make an appearance on his coach's show, then make a beeline for the Georgia Dome.

"Depending on what time it is, I'll go with (his wife) Katharyn, but if I take too long, she'll leave without me," Richt said. "She'll be there no matter what."

Mark Richt said he also discussed his attendance with Alabama head coach Nick Saban during SEC Media Days last month. Richt didn't want it to appear he was scouting a future opponent, but Saban wasn't concerned, even offering to make a call to the SEC commissioner on Richt's behalf.

"He was very cordial," Richt said, "and he was like, ‘Shoot man, go see your son.' "


Richt said the punt return job was still up in the air, but it could end up being Asher Allen with the job. Richt had said he didn't want Allen handling both kickoff and punt duties, but Ramarcus Brown could take over the kick return job to free Allen up for punts… The kickoff specialist also is undetermined. Jamie Lindley and Blair Walsh are the two leading candidates, but Richt said no one had separated from the pack… The left tackle position has been a hot topic of debate since starter Trinton Sturdivant went down with a season-ending injury. Kiante Tripp will get the start Saturday, and Richt said the rotation after that would involve moving Vince Vance from left guard to tackle, with either Tanner Strickland replacing Vance or Chris Davis sliding over from center to be replaced by freshman Ben Jones.

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