Figuring out depth at Safety

ATHENS – Georgia's coaches have made no secret of their concern over the lack of depth at safety. Only Reshad Jones and CJ Byrd have significant experience, and the depth chart is filled with true freshmen.

Defensive coordinator Willie Martinez said he's keeping his fingers crossed the Bulldogs won't have to make it that far down the depth chart, however, so the freshmen aren't forced into a trial by fire.

"They're not ready," Martinez said of the freshmen defensive backs. "We're just practicing, trying to get better, and hopefully down the road after the next couple of games, they'll get some experience. But right now, it's just that it would be an emergency situation for them to go in and play right now."

That doesn't mean they won't get on the field soon. Martinez said several of the freshmen could see special-teams action, and he hoped all of them would have an impact at some point this season.

"We're not planning on anybody right now at this point redshirting as far as the secondary just because of the numbers," Martinez said. "It's reps, they need reps. It's a hard position to get, but they have enough talent that it might click on. It might click on in a couple weeks, one week, whatever."

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