Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

South Carolina (-9) at Vanderbilt
Winner straight up – South Carolina
Winner with points – Vanderbilt
Comment – I expect the Cocks to play better. If they don't they will lose the game. I don't think they will cover the nearly ten-point line…

Georgia Tech (+7.5) at Boston College
Winner straight up – Boston College
Winner with points – Georiga Tech
Comment – Take Tech and hold on. I don't think BC is that great – maybe Tech can score some points and get you a win. That last half point is tricky…

The Citadel (No Line) at Clemson
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – I will never buy into Clemson again. I am over them. That effort was pitiful. PITIFUL…

Northwestern (-6) at Duke
Winner straight up – Northwestern
Winner with points – Duke
Comment – Duke can win this game, but they won't…

W. Carolina (No Line) at Florida State
Winner straight up – Florida State
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Noles hope Miami and Florida can both lose this weekend somehow…

Maryland (-14) vs. MTSU
Winner straight up – Maryland
Winner with points – MTSU
Comment – Maryland is not good – they may lose this game in the Boro…

Miami (+21) at Florida
Winner straight up – Florida
Winner with points – Florida
Comment – This is going to get ugly…

William & Mary (No Line) at NC State
Winner straight up – NCSU
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Shame on NC State if they are charging admission to this one …

Richmond (No Line) at Virginia
Winner straight up – Virginia
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – I think Southern Cal just scored another touchdown…

Furman (No Line) at Virginia Tech
Winner straight up – VPI
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – I told you that game with ECU was going to be tricky…

Ole Miss (+8) at Wake Forest
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – Wake Forest
Comment – Rebels would win this game if it was later in the year. For now take Wake…

Tulane (+28.5) at Alabama
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Alabama
Comment – Bama should win easy – too much going on for Tulane this week…

UL Monroe (+12) at Arkansas
Winner straight up – Arkansas
Winner with points – UL-Monroe
Comment – Hogs looked horrid last week…

Southern Miss (+17.5) at Auburn
Winner straight up – Auburn
Winner with points – Auburn
Comment – Tigers need to get that offense ready for State next week…

Central Michigan (+23) at Georgia
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – Central Michigan
Comment – Be honest – did you think Georgia looked like the #1 team in the country? Week one rankings don't matter anyway, and the winner of the Ohio State-USC game is going to be number one next week no matter what. Dawgs need to get ready for the Cocks – that's all that matters right now…

Norfolk State (No Line) at Kentucky
Winner straight up – Kentucky
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Cats had a great win over Louisville last weekend…

SE Louisiana (No Line) at Mississippi State
Winner straight up – State
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – A non-game…


Miami (+21) at Florida
Winner with points – Florida
Comment – I expect Florida to crush Miami - this one should not be close…

Parker Morgan's Lock of the Week
Central Michigan (+23) at Georgia
Winner with points – Central Michigan
Comment – CMU drew about 19,000 in their home opener in a 30,000 seat stadium. The crowd and team will be jacked - look for the Dawgs to roll a la Clemson and Kansas last year on the Chippewas.

Lock of the Week: 1 of 1 or 100%
Straight up: 15 of 20 or 75%
Points: 7 of 13 or 54%

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