Richt: "We didn't finish against Southern"

ATHENS – The past few days, many of Georgia's players have arrived for post-practice interviews with creaky joints and sore muscles, dripping sweat and aching from head to toe.

Practice this week has been a little tougher after coaches decided the Bulldogs had failed to accomplish one of their primary goals last week against Georgia Southern.

"I wasn't all that jacked up after the game because I sensed that they didn't finish," head coach Mark Richt said. "It was a team ready to play, but what they weren't ready to do was finish under those circumstances, and that's what we've got to get ready to do."

The combination of heat, inexperience and a big lead showed up on the field in the second half against the Eagles.

Georgia built a 38-0 lead, but was outscored 21-7 in the final 20 minutes of play, leaving a sour taste in the coaches' mouths that carried over to this week's practice.

"The whole team had a lot of focus in the first half, but once it hit 38-0, I think there was a mental shift, and it showed," Richt said.

So this week, there have been extra conditioning drills, more running and some sore players. It's all about teaching a lesson Richt said the team has quickly learned.

"I thought it was important to condition in the heat to help us finish," Richt said. "(Wednesday) they ran real well."

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