Dewberry Gets Back to Playing

ATHENS – For the past two Saturdays, Darius Dewberry has worked at St. Mary's Hospital while his teammates beat Georgia Southern and Central Michigan.

Dewberry was serving a two-game suspension for damaging property at St. Mary's, but he'll return to action this week against South Carolina. It couldn't be more fortuitous timing for the linebacker to get back on the field.

"Coach (Steve) Spurrier will certainly run some tight-end sets, some basic offensive sets, and that's Dewberry's strength is to play over tight ends," head coach Mark Richt said. "So he'll be ready to go, and there's some special teams work where he'll maybe not plug in as a starter, but he'll certainly get some reps."

Georgia's first two opponents ran spread offenses, which mean the strong-side linebacker – Dewberry's position – didn't see much action. This week, Deweberry will battle Akeem Dent for playing time against South Carolina's more traditional sets, but Richt said he still wasn't sure who would get the starting nod.

"I don't even know who Coach (John Jancek) is starting between (Dewberry) and Dent," Richt said. "They're both going to play. I think it'll be a pretty close – I would imagine close to 50-50 because they're both capable and experienced playing that position."

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