Q&A with C.J. Byrd

ATHENS - Dawg Post's Parker Morgan sits down with C.J. Byrd prior to the South Carolina game.

Parker Morgan: How is it a change to be playing in your first conference game?

C.J. Byrd: I think we treat it just as any other game. Every game is a big game here. We know we have to step it up this week because we have a good opponent in front of us. It's an SEC game so we've got to bring our all.

Morgan: How do you get the freshmen ready for this experience?

Byrd: Just like we've been preparing. Coaches prepare them for that. Coaches get on them just like they get on everybody. Hopefully that will get them prepared for the crowd they're going against and hopefully they can zone it out and play their game.

Morgan: The two quarterback system has been talked about but is really that big of a deal for y'all?

Byrd: We've just got to be ready for anything pretty much. No matter who's out there we've got to play our best. (Smelley and Beecher) are two good players and we can't take anything lightly.

Morgan: What have you seen so far from South Carolina that y'all have to be ready for?

Byrd: We've got to be ready for pretty much anything. Those guys are pretty skilled everywhere. Everybody is skilled so we've got to be ready on every play.

Morgan: What do you expect from a game like this?

Byrd: It's going to be a challenge. They've got a good team. They've got great players everywhere so it's going to be a challenge.

Morgan: Is the idea of Spurrier being such an offensive mind something that has to be addressed with the younger guys, or are they able to move past that?

Byrd: I think young guys just have to go out there with their game plan and know what they have to do. Hopefully they won't get caught up in all that and they'll just do their job.

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