Q&A with Asher Allen

ATHENS - Dawg Post's Parker Morgan sits down with Asher Allen prior to the South Carolina game.

Parker Morgan: How has being the punt returner been so far?

Asher Allen: So far it's been good. I think coach Ball thinks I'm being effective in the games. I've been able to put the offense in good positions and that's what most important.

PM: Is it much of a difference from handling kickoff duties?

AA: It's not that big a deal. Just having the ball in your hand and being able to catch it. I think they both hold the same responsibilities. Catch the ball first, that's the mos important. Then run to the hole. Obviously at punt returner you have to make that decision a whole lot quicker.

PM: Are you having any fatigue going straight from defense to returner or is it about like last year?

AA: There was many times last year when we had like eight play drives and I had to go and do kickoff returns. And now we might have three play drives and I have to go do punt returns. I think it's kind of the same thing.

PM: How are things different now that the conference schedule is starting?

AA: We understand how important it is, but we want to approach this like any other game. We just want to come in there with a good game plan and expect to win.

PM: How do you prepare freshmen for a hostile road environment?

AA: You really can't. You've just got to throw them in the fire as the saying says. Hopefully they'll be able to take it and stay focused. I don't think that should really affect us.

PM: Playing at South Carolina was your first road game. What was that experience like?

AA :It was exciting. I remember being out there with other freshmen on the team that were playing at the time. It was just fun being out there. But it's definitely a different experience not being in Sanford Stadium.

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