Moreno: No More Hurdles for Me

ATHENS – It has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube, but Knowshon Moreno said it's not likely fans will ever see him leap a defender again the way he did to cap a 29-yard run against Central Michigan last Saturday.

"It's really not the best way to go about things, so that's probably the one time that's ever going to happen," Moreno said of the much-publicized hurdle.

The move was so impressive, it was hard to criticize, running backs coach Tony Ball said, but it certainly wasn't something Moreno had been taught in practice.

"I don't like us to necessarily go airborne," Ball said, "because once you go airborne, you're vulnerable."

Moreno was brought down just a few yards after landing, and he said after watching film, he could have gone much farther by skipping the dramatic hurdle for something a bit more mundane.

"I probably should have kept on going left because I had (quarterback Matthew) Stafford on the left side, and he probably would have thrown a block for me," Moreno said.

Ball said he never puts restrictions on the moves he lets his runners attempt, but he said he was nervous as soon as he saw Moreno gauge the leap.

There is a time and place for everything, Ball said, and the hurdle would have been wonderful had Moreno landed in the end zone. As it is, it may have actually prevented the sophomore tailback from scoring on the play.

"I'm always looking at the big picture, what can we do to score, and had that been a hurdle to get into the end zone, awesome," Ball said. "I'd have been real impressed. But he understands that there's other moves and techniques we can use in order to score."

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