LEGGE: Don't be 2006 Auburn

COLUMBIA – It wasn't that long ago that Georgia did just what I am warning of in this article.

Mark Richt didn't see it coming, Auburn didn't see it coming – I know I didn't see Georgia's monumental beat down of the Tigers in 2006 coming, but it happened.

That's why Georgia should be cautious going into Williams-Brice on Saturday. As poorly as the Gamecocks have played in their first two games its easy to understand that many would think Georgia will roll over the Cocks with no problem. Actually I am in that camp.

That's the same thing Auburn was likely thinking in 2006 when they hosted Georgia. The Dawgs were wounded – having fallen at Kentucky (considered as lowly as Vanderbilt at the time) the week before. There were no real expectations for Georgia. If there was ever heat on Richt it was at that moment. Most folks thought Georgia would lose its final two games and limp to a minor bowl – if a bowl at all.

Carolina is in somewhat a similar spot. The Gamecocks' loss at Vanderbilt, their second loss in the row to the SEC's traditional doormat, has fans scratching their collective heads – angry even – that things are not better. The season looks lost – already – and they are playing a top-five team. No one is giving South Carolina much chance – understandably – of hanging with the Dawgs the same way no one thought Georgia could hang with #5 Auburn that day.

That's the real danger because even as lopsided as this thing looks going into it Georgia hasn't played anyone yet, and are stepping up against a legit SEC foe. Everyone knows of Georgia's struggles in Columbia – perhaps too much is made of those struggles as Georgia has lost in Columbia just as often as they have lost in Lexington since 1996: twice. Still, I can't remember the last time Georgia played "well" in Columbia.

The trap is set the same way it was for the Tigers, and more than anything else this simply just a warning. No, on paper there is no reason South Carolina should upset Georgia, but there was no reason for the Dawgs to top Auburn that day. The point? Don't get complacent thinking that an SEC team is just going to roll over for a rival – that's not the way this thing works, and everyone knows it.

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