To Blitz or Not to Blitz?

ATHENS – Getting to the quarterback hasn't been easy for Georgia's defensive line in its first three games of the season, and that could be a problem against Arizona State's Rudy Carpenter.

The Sun Devils' quarterback is fourth among active players in passing yards and touchdown throws in the nation. Georgia used the blitz to make up for its lack of pressure against South Carolina, but head coach Mark Richt said that might not be an option against a veteran like Carpenter.

"The more people you rush, the less you have to cover, and if you have a quarterback that can handle that in a system that he understands extremely well, blitzing might be the worst thing you can do," Richt said.

Georgia had two sacks against South Carolina, and both came on the blitz. Richt said Carpenter's numbers actually improve when opponents bring extra pressure, however, meaning the Bulldogs will need to get better penetration from their four-man rush.

"He knows how to get rid of it quickly," Richt said. "Especially (with) this guy, you've got to have a great mix of zone concepts with blitzing, zone concepts with four-man rush, man concepts with four-man rush and man concepts bringing the heat, and you've got to try to make them all look as close to the same as you can."

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