No couch potatoes

Georgia and head coach Mark Richt will not be couch potatoes Saturday. Even will all that rides on Miami's game with Virginia Tech, Richt said that he and the team will not sit down together to watch the game.

Last week Ohio State beat Michigan to ensure their spot in the Fiesta Bowl and Richt said that he watched it and was not pleased.

"When that game was over, I was bummed out," said Richt. Had the Buckeyes lost, Georgia would likely be playing for a chance to get into the Fiesta Bowl this Saturday.

Richt said that Georgia would not watch the Miami because there is a risk involved in watching the game, should Miami win, Georgia would have no chance at the Fiesta Bowl and the national title.

"There is a danger of being down," said Richt.

Miami is a heavy favorite at home against the Hokies, are undefeated, and have not lost a game since Butch Davis was their head coach. And the thought of watching his team's national title hopes being squashed before the "most important game of the season" did not seem like a good idea to Richt.

"That game is being playing just a couple of hours before the biggest game of our season," said Richt. "We just can't get too emotionally involved in things."

While the Canes are a heavy favorite over Virginia Tech, the emotions will truly be running high if Virginia Tech were to upset Miami. Needless to say several red and black partisans will be doing the Hokie-pokey in the Dome.

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