Q&A with Rennie Curran

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with sophomore linebacker Rennie Curran.

Parker Morgan: Going against a prolific offense like Arizona State, how do you guys get ready for that challenge?

Rennie Curran: We just have a high respect for them. Nothing changes for us. We just go into this game with our same mentality. Just run to the ball and continue to make plays. This is not the first time we've faced an offense with high stats and everything. We're not going to be intimidated by anything. We're going to play our game, go out there and communicate, and relax.

PM: Rudy Carpenter has been quite impressive over his career. What are some things you see from him that you need to be ready for?

RC: His ability to keep plays going. We're going to have to do a good job of containing him and just playing good pass coverage. We just can't have busted pass coverages. Those little things like late hits and penalties that will keep a drive going, things that will kill us a defense just because of one person. Little mistakes like that – we can't have that.

PM: How is it having the chance to play in an area of the country where many people will be seeing Georgia for the first time?

RC: It's an awesome opportunity to play out there in the West and just show them what we're about. I think we'll turn a lot of heads and we plan on playing our top game just because it's the next game. We want to stay focused and not get complacent. We've got big things we want to do and it starts right here with this game, not only because it's a different conference or anything like that, but because they're that next game, that next step to getting closer to where we want to go, so we're going to play our top game and just continue to prepare for this team.

PM: With USC and Oklahoma off this week, y'all are the highest ranked team playing. Do you look to try and take back some of the national attention this week?

RC: We always feel like every time we step on the field we have a statement to give to the nation. We always feel like we have something to prove. With our ranking being dropped we feel like we're not being respected. We definitely have something to prove this week. We represent a lot of people, not only our conference but our team as a whole and the image of our team. We definitely don't want to be that team that's setting an example and puts another team up on a pedestal. We definitely don't want to do that. We're just going to do our best to represent ourselves to the fullest.

PM: How was it being named the SEC defensive player of the week?

RC: It was an awesome honor. It was a blessing just to have that title and everything like that. Just representing my defense because I wasn't the only one who made the play. The only way that play was possible was because of good outside pressure from the defensive line – just watching the film you might see me run in and make the play but when you look around it's my entire defense that made that play. So it's an awesome honor not just for me but for my entire defense.

PM: As a defensive player how is it to make a huge play like that which changes the outcome of the game?

RC: Playing here you always watched guys like Pollack, Thomas Davis, guys like that who were game changers and you envision yourself doing the same thing. When you come here as a recruit you only want big things to happen so it's awesome for that to become a reality for people to mention my name in the same sentence with Pollack or anything like that with a game changing play, so it's an awesome honor.

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