Final snap just the beginning for Richt

ATHENS – Think the head coach's duties are done after the postgame handshake? Not quite.

Coaching has always been about more than X's and O's and in today's world of round-the-clock sports coverage, the media demands placed upon coaches are greater than ever.

But if there are any complaints, they're mostly kept silent – and for good reason. Or more like 12 million good reasons. As ESPN's recent contract with the SEC proves, it pays to be kind to the media.

As for Mark Richt, he typically has a schedule after the game that might even be more hectic than his duties during the contest.

"I do radio with Loran Smith. A couple episodes there. At home we usually have a guest I spend with a little time. Somebody that Loran has from the Leukemia society, or – he brings in a group. Then I do the media big group. Then I shower up," Richt said.

Sounds like a solid effort right? Well it's not quite over. With television shows that have to be ready for the air by noon Sunday.

"Now this year I'm going over to the journalism school where we're shooting the coaches show now. We used to to shoot it in the office," he said.

"And after that, that's it."

Well, at least for home games. As the upcoming game at Arizona State shows, sometimes things are a bit more complicated.

"We're going to shoot it on site. I might not even get out of my coaching gear. I might just stay in my coaching gear and do it. I really don't want to hold up the team and make us stay any longer than we normally would," Richt said.

As the team will fly out immediately after the game, Richt said that his goal is to make it back to Athens as quickly as possible to maximize the players' rest and the coaches' preparation time for Alabama.

"What we'll probably do, as one bus gets ready, we might let them go and go through security. Sometimes we go with the whole team and it's just a big wad of bodies waiting to go through security. As the buses ready we may just let them go and maybe filter that thing out a little better where it's not just one massive wad of bodies. And I'm hoping by the time the last bus rolls, I'll be ready to roll. That's the goal."

Once back in Athens, which Richt said will probably be sometime between 5:30 and 7:30 AM, the team will disperse and try to get back to the normal routine as soon as possible.

"Our day off is Sunday, anyways," he said. "Some people's day off is Monday. Our day off for the player is Sunday. I hadn't talked to Ron (Courson) yet, but my goal was going to be that maybe when we land, maybe we just get our treatment immediately when we get in. And then have nothing for the rest of the day. I might even talk to Rhonda Kilpatrick, and unless a guy has a test on Monday, just canceling everything on Sunday so a guy's got no obligations other than to sleep or rest."

Because with schedule as grueling as Georgia's, the Dawgs' players and coaches will need all the time for that they can get.

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