UGA VII Has to Deal with Heat, Too

ATHENS – The temperature in Tempe on Saturday is expected to be 98 degrees about the time Georgia and Arizona State kick off their football game.

That's a concern for Mark Richt, but more of a concern for Charles Seiler. Seiler is the handler for Uga VII as he has been for the all the Ugas of the past two-plus decades. For the Seiler family and their dogs, the heat always is an enormous concern because of the susceptibility of English bulldogs to high temperatures.

"He's never experienced published heat like this," Seiler said of Uga VII.

The first thing Seiler will do when he gets to Sun Devil Stadium is try to find an air-conditioned room on the field level where he can take Uga in case the heat gets to be too much. On the field, Uga VII will lay on a bag of ice and have a box fan blowing full-time on his kennel.

"If it's too hot for that, I can always put him in the bus," Seiler said. "I'm confident as long as I keep eye on him, he'll be fine."

This trip also will be the first plane flight for Georgia's first-year mascot.

"I can tell you, he'll just stay in his kennel and go to sleep," said Sonny Seiler, Charles' father who has owned all the Ugas.

The Seilers will fly on the team's charter flight, which means Uga can ride in the regular cabin with the Seilers, which should make the trip less stressful, Charles Seiler said. The dogs don't get any sedatives to fly, Seiler said.

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