Seniors Asked for Blackout

ATHENS – It wasn't long after Georgia had defeated Arizona State last Saturday that the Bulldogs' seniors started thinking about the obstacle ahead of them on the schedule. The home game against Alabama would be one of the biggest of the season for Georgia, and Mohamed Massaquoi figured the team could use a little extra energy.

So Massaquoi approached head coach Mark Richt with an idea: Let the team wear its black jerseys for the game and let the fans know about it in advance so they could show their support.

"It was just something the seniors thought would be a great idea," Massaquoi said. "We knew a lot was going to be riding on this game, and we just wanted to give the fans something to rally behind. It's really a tribute to Alabama. They're a great team, we're a pretty good team, and we just want to go out there and put on a show."

Just don't tell Massaquoi the jerseys are being used for motivation. That, he said, has nothing to do with it.

"We have enough motivation going in knowing what's on the line with this game," Masaquoi said. "It's just something to throw a little curveball in there, get the fans involved, do something a little different."

Not that it doesn't have the players excited, too. Defensive tackle Corvey Irvin said the black jerseys will be a rallying point for the team, but it's momentum the Bulldogs will have to carry onto the field.

"That's going to be great, but the black jerseys can't win us the game," Irvin said. "It will have us jacked up and the fans will have us jacked up, but we have to do it ourselves."

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