Q&A with Blair Walsh

ATHENS - Dawg Post's Parker Morgan sits down with freshman kicker Blair Walsh.

Parker Morgan: How would you say your first year is going so far?

Blair Walsh: The season's going pretty good. I would like to make the longer ones, obviously. But we're doing good as a team and we're winning. That's the main goal right now.

PM: You seem to keep a good attitude even after misses, how important is that for a kicker?

BW: It's real important. You've got to forget it and move on. Even when you make them you can't dwell too much in the past or you're going to miss the next one. I just let it go and try to make the other two, which I did in the game. That's the first time I ever hit the post actually. In my entire life, ever, at field goals attempts. I've never hit the post before.

PM: Has Richt talked to you about certain situations when you will try a long kick, or times when you won't or anything like that?

BW: He's been really good about it. He's been really good about putting me in and lettting me try. I sort of tell him my range before the game, let him know which way I can go farther and what my range is.

PM: What are your longest warmups in a game?

BW: Midfield, a little bit beyond – never really farther than that.

PM: You haven't had a game come down to a final kick yet but how do you prepare yourself for that situation?

BW: Just like every other situation. I've got to treat it just like I treated the two in the Arizona State game that I made or the two at South Carolina in hostile territory. You've just put them through. It's not about booming them over the net. No one cares if it goes over the net or not. They only care if you put them through the uprights, that's just how you've got to treat it.

PM: Your kickoffs seemed improved last weekend, how is that going?

BW: I was more comfortable. I hit the ball better, obviously the first one was shaky. But I just hit the ball better I think. It's just different kicking in front of the atmosphere. That's pretty much it.

PM: Did you imagine the season going like it has so far?

BW: I never came in here thinking we'd be No. 1 right away, but hey, we're up there in the rankings right now and we're undefeated. I'm glad I got to play this year and glad I didn't redshirt looking back on it, and I just hope I have a good season continuing on.

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