Smith Impressed by Blackout

ATHENS – Alabama and Georgia were fighting hard Saturday night, and Branden Smith was there to take it all in.

The prized recruit from Washington High in Atlanta said he was most impressed by the Blackout itself.

"Everything was real good. The Blackout – I really liked it. It shows that the fans and everyone else is involved with the program," he said. "I think that's very good. I had a real good time."

Recruits have maintained over the last two years that the Blackout is a unique event that impresses them; Smith was no different. When asked the number one thing he will take away from the visit to Georgia, Smith replied: "I think the blackout is the number one thing folks thing about. It was really impressive."

As the largest recruiting weekend of the year Georgia's Blackout drew a lot of attention from top-notch recruits, Smith said he was also impressed with the roster of prep stars in attendance.

"There were tons of the top recruits and we were taking pictures. It was good seeing all of them there. We took a lot of pictures together," he said. "I was with all of the recruits and coaches and being around the environment and it was all good."

Still, Smith said he socialized with the trio of coaches recruiting him hard, too.

"I talked to Coach Richt, Coach Garner and Coach Martinez," he said. "They just talked about me coming up there to be a Georgia player."

But pulling Smith into the Bulldogs family once and for all continues to be a lengthy process. Georgia is not necessarily get extra points for being the in-state school, Smith said.

"I don't think there is necessary a draw to play home because distance is not a thing for me. It's about who is recruiting me the hardest and who is doing their job."

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