Q&A with Brian Vogler

ATHENS - Dawg Post gets an update from 6'8 TE Brian Vogler on his trip to Georgia.

Parker Morgan: What were your thoughts on the blackout and the game?

Brian Vogler: The game was definitely a shocker to most people I'm sure. I thought the blackout was pretty cool. Everywhere you looked you saw the blacks shirts except the occasional Alabama fans with their white shirts on. But I thought it was pretty cool.

PM: What did you think about the 31-0 halftime deficit?

BV: I definitely did not expect to see that. I thought Georgia's offense would have been clicking a lot better. I did not expect that. They're usually known for there defense and I didn't expect them to give up 31 points in the half

PM: And then the attempted comeback of the second half?

BV: They did some things pretty good, better than they did in the fist half. They definitely came out with a lot more intensity...it was more exciting.

PM: What coaches did you talk to while there?

BV: I talked to coach Richt, coach Bobo, and coach Lilly.

PM: What are your thoughts on coach Lilly?

BV: He's a pretty nice guy. He seems like he knows what he's doing. They've got some pretty good tight ends out there.

PM: What's next for you on the recruiting trail?

BV: I think I'll go to a couple more games. I'm not exactly sure where yet. I'm sure to go to some more.

PM: Where would you say Georgia ranks among your top schools?

BV :They're in the top 5. I'm not exactly sure where they might fall right now. I'm still open to a lot of schools.

PM: Who are you hearing from a lot, and where are you looking mainly?

BV: Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Alabama.

Vogler to date has offers from Kentucky and Duke but will surely be picking up many more as he goes about the recruiting process. Stay tuned to Dawg Post to follow this top junior prospect.

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