Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

Clemson (+3) at Wake Forest
Straight Up: Boston Wake Forest
Against the Spread: Wake Forest
Comment: I just can't pick Clemson…

Gardner-Webb (NL) at Georgia Tech
Straight Up: Georgia Tech
Against the Spread: No Line
Comment: Don't wonder why Tech never sells out - games like this are good examples of a reason why…

Central Florida (+15) at Miami
Straight Up: Miami
Against the Spread: UCF
Comment: Difficult to pick ATS because the Canes are inconstant…

Notre Dame (+7) at North Carolina>
Straight Up: North Carolina
Against the Spread: North Carolina
Comment: Heels should win this one - if not the Irish are going to a BCS bowl…

East Carolina (-5) at Virginia
Straight Up: East Carolina
Against the Spread: East Carolina
Comment: Strange game...

Arkansas (+19) at Auburn
Straight Up: Auburn
Against the Spread: Arkansas
Comment: Wow - firing the OC six games into the experiment…

LSU (+4) at Florida
Straight Up: Florida
Against the Spread: LSU
Comment: A split ticket…

Tennessee (+13.5) at Georgia
Straight Up: Georgia
Against the Spread: Tennessee
Comment: Georgia is going to have to prove it to me…

South Carolina (PK) at Kentucky
Straight Up: South Carolina
Against the Spread: South Carolina
Comment: A difficult game to get up for, but a critical one for bowls later in the season…

Vanderbilt (-2) at Mississippi State
Straight Up: Vanderbilt
Against the Spread: Vanderbilt
Comment: Vandy can stay in first and lock up a bowl game - this is usually when they go down hill…

Lock of the Week Notre Dame (+7) at North Carolina
Against the Spread: North Carolina Comment: No great picks this weeks, but I like UNC - they look good…

Lock of the Week: 4 of 5 or 80%
Against the Spread: 39.5 of 71 or 56%
Straight up: 65 of 89 or 73%

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