Q&A with Richard Samuel

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with freshman running back Richard Samuel.

Parker Morgan: Should we expect to see more of you at the kickoff return spot?

Richard Samuel: It's a possibility. I believe I'll be back there more this year. I should be back there some this weekend.

PM: How has the running back competition been going lately?

RS: I know that Caleb's been doing more. He's been working out more with the first group, doing a lot more reps. I know what I need to do is slow down and learn and use this time to learn from them and learn how the offense goes a little better.

PM: What is Coach Ball telling you to do during this time?

RS: Just watch how it's done and learn and work on fundamentals.

PM: How would you say your freshman experience has been so far?

RS: It's been wonderful. To come early and go through the spring, everything they went through. Then going through camp, g day, it's been a wonderful experience. And now getting a little bit of playing time, it feels good.

PM: How nice was the off week?

RS: Oh man, it was wonderful. After we've been going since two-a-days in august, having that one weekend off is wonderful. Just lay around, watch games, and sleep. I watch them because it's interesting to see how other people play and the other things they do.

PM: How did the kickoff decision come about? Is that something you've been working on a lot?

RS: I do it often at practice. But the Alabama game was when they decided to put me in there. So I just did it.

PM: What are some of the differences of returning kicks versus the tradtional tailback role?

RS: It's different because you have time to see things from a broad view. You get to see the whole field. When you get the handoff a guys right in front of your face and you have to make a quick move. Getting the kickoff return is better because it gives you time to see things.

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