Moreno Expecting More... From Himself

ATHENS – Knowshon Moreno has three 100-yard games and 10 touchdowns so far this year, but he hasn't put up numbers that are quite in line with many preseason expectations.

Moreno has averaged four yards or less per carry in three of his past four games, but head coach Mark Richt said that doesn't mean the sophomore tailback hasn't looked impressive.

"I have seen him make some great three-yard runs," Richt said. "I have seen him behind the line of scrimmage have to dodge a guy and spin and get four yards and think, wow, that is a fantastic run."

Moreno said he thinks the offensive line has been improving as the season has progressed, and he isn't making any excuses for problems in the running game.

"As a back, sometimes you're going to have to break tackles," Moreno said. "If things aren't clear, you have to make it clear. Things aren't always going to be perfect."

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