Georgia Growing on Whitaker

ATHENS – Another home game, another visit from Warner Robbins' defensive tackle Jeffery Whitaker.

The middle Georgia native has been eyeing the Dawgs and took in their game with Tennessee Saturday.

"Georgia fans never shut up - and I mean that in a good way. I was real impressed with that," he said. "During the blackout I knew the crowd was going to be loud, but it really surprised me."

Still, Whitaker is looking around to make sure that he makes the correct college choice.

"I am not looking to just throw the commit out there," he admitted. "I am scouting places. I am looking at everything. Where I go… it's for four years. I am not thinking about the NFL. I'm looking for the place where I am going to be the most comfortable at for the next four years, and that's a really a big deal for me right now - it's a major life decision."

Whitaker said that North Carolina is starting to intrigue him some. The Tar Heels have not yet gotten a visit from the defensive tackle, but he indicated that he'd like to make it up to Chapel Hill in the future. But Whitaker said that he's going to make a decision once – he claims that he will not waiver.

"North Carolina is sneaking up with me. I don't think I can get up there during the season, but I am going to try to take a look at them during the off-season," he said.

"When I commit that's going to be it," he said. "I didn't realize recruiting was going to be a big deal the way that it was. I have been looking at schools since my sophomore season. Georgia and Clemson both jumped on me hard at the start. That's when I realized when this thing was a little bit of big thing. I am not trying to visit anything like some sort of top 25 schools. I am not the type of guy that wants to go everywhere. When I feel that's it - that's it."

And that could be some time soon. Whitaker's tone about the Dawgs has grown more and more pleasant as time has gone on. Clemson's dismissal of Tommy Bowden could have something to do with that, too, but Whitaker said he's grown fond of the program in Athens.

"It really seems like I could be comfortable there," he said. "It looks like a place that I could be comfortable, and chill. One thing, I am not looking at "I am looking at going to the NFL.'"

When asked about the people he looks forward to seeing when going to Georgia he said the following: "I like to see Coach Garner. I look forward to seeing him and Coach Richt, and I can't leave out my boy Coach Lilly. I always talk to Jeff Owens."

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