Walker tempted by politics

Walker says he is considering a move back to his home state, possibly to pursue a political career

ATHENS, Ga. 'Georgia may see Herschel Walker run again after all.

Walker, the former standout running back for the University of Georgia who now is a successful businessman based near Dallas, says he is considering a move back to his home state, possibly to pursue a political career.

"There's no doubt (politics) would be something I do have in the back of my mind," Walker, 40, said this week in a telephone interview from his parents' home in Wrightsville, Ga.

"That's something a lot of people now have come forward and talked to me about."

This year, Walker campaigned for the failed congressional primary bid of Republican Barbara Dooley, the wife of Georgia athletics director Vince Dooley, who was Walker ' s coach from 1980-82.

Walker also supported the successful campaign for Republican Saxby Chambliss for U.S. Senate.

Said Walker: "No doubt I'm outspoken on a lot of things. ... I do have a big mouth and I may put my foot in it too many times, but one thing I do know is we are a country that is hurt and a state that is hurt and something has to be done.

"You can't fix something if you don't know exactly what it is. You can't find out what it is until you get in that arena."

Expressing a disdain for "life-long politicians," Walker said he believes it is important for more people to become involved.

"We talk about it and don't do anything about it; we just complain," he said. "If I am to be a voice to let them be heard, then I will be their voice. It's really where the Lord leads me to do, but I do think more people have to be heard."

Walker admitted that simply speaking out as a well-known former athlete "may be my platform to do it this way" rather than to seek political office.

"I'm not sure, but one thing I know is for us to be better we're going to have to start hearing from a lot of people that are not being heard," he said.

Walker did not say at what level, or for what party, he has been asked to consider politics.

Said Walker: "I think we cannot continue to try to be great for the minority and not for the majority.

"When I say that everyone thinks I want to run for politics, but I say I've got so many skeletons in my closet, I don't know if people would vote for me anyway."

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