Q&A with Marcus Dowtin

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with freshman linebacker Marcus Dowtin

Parker Morgan: Have the updowns made an impact on the penalty issue?

Marcus Dowtin: It's creating a stronger focus. We're basically beating ourselves. Anything that can help us get off to a faster start or finish the game can be a help. So the updowns are just getting us to focus on what's important.

PM: Rennie said a couple weeks ago that a leadership issue was contributing to the penalty problem, what's your take?

MD: I don't necessarily think it's a lack of leadership. I think we have a lot of leaders on the team. I think it's about everybody getting on the same page. Focusing on the ultimate goal. We're focused, but I think as each game comes on it's become more and more of a focus.

PM: How has the transition been for you from high school to college ball?

MD: I've struggled a little bit, to be honest. But I think I'm getting a lot better balancing school and balancing the athletic part of things. I'm getting ga better grasp of what's going on and it's getting a lot easier.

PM: Was it getting thrown into action so fast that was difficult, or...?

MD: Getting thrown on the field fast was not a problem at all. I'd say that the hardest part was balancing the two, along with having to meet new people and learning how to adjust to the environment.

PM: Who are some of the guys that you've learned from this year?

MD: I've learned a lot from Dannell and Rennie, well basically the whole linebacking corps. They've all helped me out a lot. It's like a brotherhood. We've been working together and basically teaching each other things. All of us have a different part of our game that the other one doesn't have so we have to compliment each other's skills.

PM: How tough has it been with Dannell out?

MD: It's been just like Dannell's been playing. Hes' been the same person. He still helps us out there on the field. It's not like he's out. I think each linebacker is as talented as the next one, so missing Dannell as far as leadership wise in the game has been kind of different but as far as production I'd say it's the same.

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