Murray Trying Not to Go Stir Crazy

TAMPA - Aaron Murray woke up a little before 10 a.m. Tuesday and started working on not going crazy.

"I'm just watching TV all day," Murray said. "It's kind of boring. I just want to get up and do something, throw a football or something, but I can't."

Murray is under doctors' orders not to go to school this week and stay at home with his injured leg elevated and iced. Murray -- who is rated the No. 2 quarterback in the country, according to -- suffered a broken leg last weekend while playing for his Plant High School team.

Doctors are hoping that Murray's swelling goes down enough that he can have surgery Friday. For now, Murray is trying to deal with the mental aspect of his injury.

"I'm definitely still working through it," he said. "Every morning I just wake up praying that's it's a dream and I'm fine. It's my senior year, and I really felt like I stepped up as a leader this year and now not being able to play, it's really tough."

Murray talked to Georgia head coach Mark Richt and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo the morning after his injury, he said. "They were great about everything," Murray said. "They both called me separately, and said if I could never play a game or even walk again, I would still have a full scholarship and still be a Bulldog. They were tremendously nice about the situation."

Murray is thankful his injury is not that serious. There's no question, he said, that he'll be ready to throw a football again by the time he arrives in Athens in January.

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