Q&A with Christian Robinson

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with freshman linebacker Christian Robinson.

Parker Morgan: How's your injury rehab coming along?

Christian Robinson: It's doing okay. Just trying to heal it up and get back here as fast as I can. They're saying about five weeks.

PM: What happened exactly when you got hurt?

CR: I was on scout punt team and I was running down and got hit in the pile and from what I could tell on the tape I got hit with a helmet. It broke my forearm bone and I didn't know it was broken. I thought it was a really bad bruise and I started moving it around and I could tell something was broken.

PM: Aside from getting hurt how has this year been so far?

CR: It's been good. I'm trying my hardest to get to know everything, getting to know the guys. I got moved from SAM to MIKE. Its' really been a good move. It's more natural for me. It's been exciting.

PM: Who are some of the guys you look to as a freshman?

CR: Dannell Ellerbe and Marcus Washington have been helping me know what I need to know. And all the guys give you encouragement to push you through the tough times.

PM: How ridiculous have the injuries been so far?

CR: It's been rough. When you're out there it looks like one third of the team is in green jerseys. It's rough but we're making through and still doing well, just doing what we need to do.

PM: Crosstraining the linebackers seems to be a big thing at Georgia, are you still rotating at other spots?

CR: If they needed a SAM coach would put me there, especially on scout team. But knowing one position really helps you know the other ones, because you need to work off of them. So you get a general knowledge of the other positions.

PM: So is it not the most strenuous thing in the world to mix it up or...

CR: It is because you're used to different steps and different people. You take on totally different new players. You might normally play against fullbacks and tackles and you go inside to mike then you're going against guards. It's a lot of different footwork, but the knowledge, knowing where to be, is kind of similar.

PM: What's the mentality like when you know a redshirt season is where you're headed?

CR: My goal was to come in and just be able to work and get better and learn what I need to do and if they didn't feel like I was ready, even if I had a chance to play, they weren't going to play me. I'm still working hard, trying to get back especially after this. I'll be working my butt off and just trying to learn.

PM: What is the rehab process like when you're trying to get healthy?

CR: You can't do everything but you do use the body parts that you can use. Do some squats and things like that just to get your legs strong and do one armed stuff. I started back about two days after I got hurt.

PM: The shift from AA ball to the SEC is pretty dramatic. How has it been?

CR: First day out there you realize you're a smaller guy. You used to be a bigger guy compared to everybody else. You just keep working. It's just like when you go from junior high to high school you used to be the big guy and now you're the small guy again, but you just get used to it and it's been really good.

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