Q&A with Neland Ball

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with redshirt freshman defensive end Neland Ball.

Parker Morgan: What have you been doing to try and get better this year?

Neland Ball: So far I've been trying to focus on technique, which is basically just working on my hands and my pad level, staying low. Also learning the plays and learning the signals. The physical aspect of the game. I think need be in the weight room a little more than I am right now, but I am in there a little bit working on my strength.

PM: Is the weight room something they've been on you about?

NB: I'm trying to get around 250. Right now I'm around 240.

PM: What is it like to play for coach Fabris?

NB: It's great to play for coach Fabris because hes' a great coach and knows what he's talking about. He stays on you and makes you work. You get the whole aspect of a coach from coach Fabris.

PM: What's it been like dealing with the injuries?

NB: It's been tough. You've got to learn how to fight through it because it's football, there's going to be injuries. We just look at it as there's no major injuries. We just fight until we get everybody back.

PM: Is there ever a point where you just have to stop and think about how crazy the injuries have gotten?

NB: You just know it's the game of football and it's very unfortunate that those things happen, but you've got to keep playing and know that the next guy that's in there has to step up.

PM: What are your personal goals for the rest of the year?

NB: I just want to get better overall. Do everything I can do to help the team win.

PM: Everybody seems to be waiting for that one breakout defensive player, do you see anybody getting close to that?

NB: The whole defense is great. We're just playing together right now. As long as everybody's making plays, I just think everybody's the top performer right now. Playmakers come from all over the board. From the defensive line, to the ends, to the linebackers, to the secondary – everybody's making plays right now. It's going to be hard for that one person to be singled out.

PM: What needs to happen for the pass rush to generate more sacks?

We've got to learn how to take our pass rushing game from the practice to the game. I think we're getting good pressure right now, but it could be better. The pass rush has been good. I really can't explain it because I haven't been out there like that. From what I hear the guys saying they're out there pass rushing really well.

PM: Is the run defense's performance getting overlooked?

The run defense has been great. As long as you stop the run the sacks are going to come. You stop the run and the opposing team has to pass the ball sooner or later. As long as you stop the run and play the great defense we've been playing the sacks are going to come.

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