Dawgs Have Nothing "Planned" for Gators

ATHENS – Darryl Gamble didn't just ignite Georgia's scoring barrage with two interception returns for touchdowns against LSU last week. He also ignited a mystery about what the Bulldogs planned to do this week against Florida.

Rumors spread like wildfire after Gamble, a sophomore, was quoted saying Georgia's seniors had something up their sleeves for Florida week. The news came as a surprise to fans -- and to the seniors.

"That's been buzzing around, and I'm kind of confused as to where it started," senior wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi said. "I have no clue."

Senior Kenneth Harris has been Georgia's version of the White House press secretary since Gamble's quote, dodging tons of questions he said he doesn't have the answer to.

"I wish I had a nickel for every time I've been asked that question," Harris said. "We don't have anything planned. We're just going to go down there and not worry about any gimmicks. We're just going to have fun and play ball. We don't have anything planned."

He said the team might have to put a gag on Gamble in the future, considering it was the sophomore who started all the hype for the seniors. Gamble, however, said it's not his fault. He was misquoted.

After his two-touchdown performance, Gamble was the center of attention, and reporters happened to ask him his thoughts on last year's game against Florida in which the Bulldogs were flagged for excessive celebration after their first touchdown.

"I said the seniors had had something planned," Gamble said, "There was a guy that walked by, and I guess he thought I was talking about this game. I was talking about last year's game."

This time around, the Bulldogs aren't hiding any secret plans up their sleeves, and Gamble said fans can officially stop holding their breath for a big payout after the Bulldogs' first score this time.

"I don't think we'll have anything like that this year," Gamble said. "It was just a booster to help us try to win that game. This year we're just going to go out and play ball."

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