Florida Week: Wednesday News and Notes

ATHENS - David Hale's news and notes from Georgia's fall practices.


After losing his starting job at cornerback and dropping to third on the depth chart, Bryan Evans has found a second chance at a new position.

Evans was beaten for two touchdowns against Vanderbilt two weeks ago and hasn't seen much action at corner since. Coaches decided to give him a shot at playing free safety, however, and he's jumped at the opportunity.

"It's pretty fun," Evans said. "After I started doing it, I kind of got attracted to it."

Evans still played some corner against LSU, but also got his first taste of action at safety, too. He said the new position has given him a better perspective on the game.

"I think it kind of helps me out to read plays better," Evans said. "At wide corner, you're looking at just your man, you can't really see the field. When you get to see the field, you get to put pieces together, and it helps you make plays."

The experiment has worked well so far, Martinez said, and it's likely to continue.

"He gives us depth and I thought he really played well at corner when he played corner," Martinez said. "We're training him at both right now and he'll be ready to play both."


Fred Munzenmaier isn't exactly a household name, even among Georgia fans, but after garnering his second touchdown on just his second career carry last week, the fullback said he might start gaining a reputation as a big-time playmaker.

"Maybe there's a little bit of magic there," Munzenmaier said. "Maybe if I get one more on the next one I'll think there's something to that. I got a little nervous though. It was kind of a close call Saturday. I wasn't all the way in there. Just enough."

Munzenmaier's score came from the 1-yard line on a wham formation by the Bulldogs that included three fullbacks. Senior Brannan Southerland was forced to play tight end due to a rash of injuries at that position, and sophomore Shaun Chapas acted as the lead blocker.

That role might have been a little salt in the wound for Chapas, who started the first six games of the season at fullback, but is now the only one of the three without a touchdown.

"I try not to (tease him), but one comment slipped out," Munzenmaier said. "I try not to make fun of him though because I'm rooting for him to get in there, too."


It was a big play at the time when LSU ran a fake punt last week that completely caught Georgia by surprise, but Richt isn't punishing his team for the mishap this week.

In fact, he's taking the blame himself.

"I should have had our defense on the field in that situation, playing a punt safe," Richt said. "It was fourth-and-4, the score as it was, almost mid-field. It was a perfect time to fake."

The fake worked for LSU, who picked up a first down and eventually scored on the drive, but Richt said the Tigers probably wouldn't have even run the play if he had been paying attention to the situation.

"Most people have a check and if you're in a certain look you'll run it, or if you're in a certain look you'll punt it," he said. "We should have had our defense in the game."

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