Florida Beats Georgia: News and Notes

JACKSONVILLE - David Hale's news and notes from Florida's win over Georgia.


In the end, it didn't really matter, but after freshman Blair Walsh missed two short field goals in the first half, he couldn't help but wonder if he had cost his team the game.

Georgia drove into the red zone twice in the first half and came away with just three points after Walsh missed kicks of 38 and 27 yards.

"I want to make them all, obviously, but to miss something like that, to give your chance to go up, it's heart wrenching," Walsh said. "These guys work so hard on the field, and you've got that one shot, that one try to make it, and when you don't, it just kills you."

Walsh gained some solace from his teammates, who told him to keep his head in the game. At halftime, Georgia trailed by just 11, and Walsh's teammates told him he could have a chance at redemption.

"They never doubted me or anything," Walsh said. "I have great teammates. I can't ask for anything better. They were just trying to keep me up. At one point, it looked like it might come down to another field goal, but the game got away from us."


After Georgia added its first points to the board with a field goal, Richt decided to take a chance to steal some momentum.

Walsh's kickoff following the field goal was an on-side kick that bounced straight to Florida's Butch Rowley, who covered the football at the Georgia 41. Florida scored seven plays later to open up a 14-3 lead.

"The onside really wasn't executed as well as it should have been executed," Richt said. "We just wanted to get another possession. We knew Florida's offense was very explosive, and the less amount of drives they had, the better it was going to be for us."

Richt said the decision was a calculated risk, given the explosiveness of Florida's star returner Brandon James, who returned just one kick in the game for 22 yards.

"You could kick it to Brandon (James), and he can run it back to the 40 easily, so kicking it off to those guys isn't always the best thing either. We just didn't execute very well."


Tight end Tripp Chandler and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe each returned to action for the first time in more than a month Saturday.

Chandler had one reception for 14 yards, but also fell in the end zone and missed a potential touchdown pass from Stafford.

Ellerbe had just one tackle in the game – a six-yard sack of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Chandler said the return to the field was like playing for the first time.

"It was a lot of fun to be able to get back out there and play again," Chandler said. "I had those jitters like it was my very first game ever."


Georgia's blowout loss to Florida looked an awful lot like its first loss of the season to Alabama, with penalties, turnovers and missed opportunities turning a potentially close game into one that got out of hand quickly.

While offensive lineman Clint Boling was equally perplexed by both outcomes, he said Georgia showed a bit more fight this time around.

"I really have no idea what happened," Boling said. "I wouldn't say it was a lot like the Alabama game because of the score and everything. I thought we did a lot better job of moving the ball. It was just a tough game all around."

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