Brandon Boykin Q&A

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with freshman corner Brandon Boykin.

Parker Morgan: What's it like now that you're starting to see more action on the field?

Brandon Boykin: It's been fun. I'm glad I'm finally learning the stuff and being able to tie it into the game situations, rather than just practice, because it's a lot faster on Saturdays. I'm still learning as we go every week but it's been pretty good getting out there and finally getting some reps and game experience.

PM: What's been some of the toughest parts about your new responsibility?

BB: I'm really trying to learn nickel and wide corner at the same time. (The challenge is not) Getting them mixed up because they're totally different from each other. Nickel's kind of like a linebacker so cover 3 will be different for nickel as opposed to corner. Getting mixed up and watching film and guarding people at each position you've got to be thinking every play so you don't get mixed up.

PM: Is this where you saw yourself contributing before you got here?

BB: I told myself If I was able to contribute and help the team coming in during the summer, because I was going to come in during December, and I probably would've gotten a lot more reps and learned a lot more. I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing right now as I was able to come in and contribute a lot. I'm playing gunner and that's a pretty big role. Getting a little bit of playing time at nickel so by this time next year I should be able to contribute a lot with all the things I've learned this year.

PM: How tough was it to pick up the technique necessary to play corner in the SEC?

BB: I was just an athlete in high school. I didn't even really watch film. Now every single play you have to be thinking because if you're not you're definitely going to mess up. You can't just come on Saturday and play and not be prepared and I think that's the biggest difference from high school.

PM: Was the speed something else tough to adjust to?

BB: I don't think it was that big of a difference because I told myself I was just going to compete and run to the ball so I did. I got my body real strong and the coaches liked that. And I just came in and adjusted to the speed real well. As far as learning that takes a while so I'm continuing to learn. As far as the speed of the game and being able to compete with everybody with strength and stuff I think I've done pretty good.

PM: Was it helpful to have guys in the secondary who played a lot when they were freshmen?

BB: I always ask Asher and Prince what was it like (their) freshman year. What happened and how long did it take you to learn this and that. And they always help me with that, and just telling me what to expect. Like during the spring telling me what I need to do and come in watch film because that's when I'm really going to learn is in the offseason. That really did help out having people to mentor me a little bit. PM: What is playing for coach Maritnez like?

BB: It's no different than it was is when he recruited me. You know how some people might be nice when they recruit you but when you get here it's a totally different thing. Coach Martinez was straight forward with me the whole time. He's a great coach, a great secondary coach as well as a defensive coordinator. I love playing for him. He likes high energy guys and I just come out here and try to give a good effort every day and I know if I do that then I'm going to get my chance.

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