Q&A with Bruce Figgins

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with tight end Bruce Figgins.

Parker Morgan: How have things been going since you decided to play out the year?

Bruce Figgins: Everything's been good so far. No injuries. The shoulder's not slowing me down. I haven't missed any reps since I've been out so it's been going good.

PM: What was the decision like to continue to play?

BF: I was really down because I knew I wasn't 100% and it was taking me a long time to get back where I could actually use my shoulder so I was a little worried about that. It put me at a decision where I could take a medical redshirt and go ahead and get my surgery and bounce back the next year. It was just a lot of stuff going through my mind. I talked to a lot of people – former players, current players, family, coaches – now I made my decision and haven't thought twice about it and have no regrets.

PM: Did your performance against Tennessee ease your mind about playing out the year?

BF: I was playing against a really good defensive end. I want to say an all-SEC defensive end, and I held my own. Not the game I wanted to have of course, but I think I held my own and did some good things. And I lasted the whole game so that was a big thing for me.

PM: What were your limitations with the injury?

BF: Just range of motion and certain motions I couldn't do. I couldn't push back so far there was like a limit. That's why I'm wearing two harnesses right now is to keep it stationary and kind of in one spot. It was mostly range of motion and just how weak my shoulder and left side of my chest was. It was really limited.

PM: But now you shouldn't have any problems for the rest of the year?

BF: I'm fine. Nothing is slowing me down. Of course the harnesses keep it in that spot and I just have to adjust. That's what practice is for. Stafford and Joe throwing me ball. They're not changing the way they throw it. I'm not running different routes. I'm just making slight adjustments on how I position myself to catch and position myself to block.

PM: Did talking to the guys who are already sitting out the year with injuries make you want to keep playing?

BF: Just hearing from a teammate and former teammates who have dealt with the same situation, it kind of puts your mind at ease. Just to see how they took it and the things they thought about while making the decision about whether to play or take surgery or how to take it and stuff like that. It definitely put my mind at ease talking to them and sitting down, especially my family, praying about it and did all of the above trying to make the right decision. I think I did.

PM: Has coach Lilly taken any different approaches in how he uses you now?

BF: Coach Lilly constantly asks me day in day out how I feel. Any problems let him know, if it's bothering me let him know. We have a good communication with each other where I tell him don't slow me down. Let me get as many reps as I can get because we play a real tough schedule. I tell him don't slow me down and continue to push me because I know my limits.

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