Blocks Vital to back-up RB Spot

ATHENS – Redshirt freshman Caleb King seemed to have cemented his role as the No. 2 tailback on the depth chart just three weeks ago, but a missed block at a key point against Florida landed him a full-time role on the bench in last week's Kentucky game.

Starter Knowshon Moreno missed just five offensive snaps in the game, but each of those were handled by freshman Richard Samuel. King only saw work on special teams.

"In this particular game, Richard was in the rotation and Caleb wasn't," running backs coach Tony Ball said. "That's just something that each week they know. You've got to compete."

Part of that competition includes making those key blocks, and King's failure to do so was one of – but not the only – reasons he was benched.

"That was part of it, but there was some other things that facilitated the move, and he's just got to bounce back," Ball said of King. "Plus the fact that Richard has been showing some energy, and he knows what to do. It's competitive, and that makes us better."

Ball said Samuel has shown an impressive ability to master the playbook and understand his role, which has helped move him into a more significant role with the offense.

"Richard is a student of the game," Ball said. "He wants to understand concepts. You don't fragment with Richard. If you teach him the concept of something, he's got it. Now if you start to ask him variations to it, it makes sense to him."

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