Three Georgia Coaches to Visit Charles

In a few weeks Aaron Murray could be back under center for Plant High.

In a few days Mike Bobo, John Lilly and Tony Ball will be in Tampa to see if tight end Orson Charles can get his team deep enough in the playoffs so that Murray can take the field one more time.

"This is the first time for me to play in the playoffs. I just hope that we don't lose," Charles said. "Aaron hopes to be back in two weeks. We would play Armwood again that week."

Armwood is the only team Plant has lost to this season, and Murray was hit early and often in that game.

Recruiting has taken a back seat, understandably, to Charles' football squad. There have been a lot of firsts for Charles at Plant, but making the playoffs is probably one of the biggest highlights of his time there.

"I have been concentrating on my school," Charles said. "But I still get a lot of letters. I have heard from Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, Miami and Florida State the most."

Perhaps the Bulldogs have the inside track for Charles – that's hard to know. The fact that Murray is headed to Georgia seems to be the biggest thing going for any school in the running. Still, Murray has been carful not to pressure Charles to come with him to Georgia, and that's something Charles has noticed.

"He tells me all of the time that he wants me to go where I want to go," he said "I understand what he's saying, and I respect that."

Murray will welcome Charles in January when he comes up for an offical visit. The last visit the duo was set to make to Athens was interrupted when Murray suffered what seemed to be a season-ending injury at a Thursday night game. Charles said he looks forward to seeing Murray at the dorms in Athens.

"I think I am going to go up to see Aaron after he moves sometime in January," he said. "I want to see him living up there in the dorms."

Georgia fans just want to see Charles move in one day.

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