Dawgs, too, Want Playoff

ATHENS – Mark Richt probably won't be giving his thoughts on a bailout for the auto industry any time soon, but he said he doesn't mind having president-elect Barack Obama chime in with some thoughts on college football. In fact, Richt said he agrees with Obama's proposal for a college football playoff.

"I think eight is the limit of what I think would be wise, but I'd be all for it," Richt said. "I really would. There's just too many good teams out there that you just get one trip and you're out. It's tough if everybody's thinking national championship or bust."

Richt isn't alone. Linebacker Rennie Curran said Georgia's snub from the national championship game last season convinced him the system needed to be changed.

"I feel like what happened last year with us, a couple teams jumping us when we had won through that BCS process, that really made me question the whole system," Curran said. "So I think (a playoff) should definitely be given a try."

Of course, players and coaches aren't likely going to get a playoff pushed through. That task belongs to people a bit higher up the totem poll.

"I don't think it matters what coaches think," Richt said. "It all comes down to what the presidents think. Now, if the president of the United States tells them they have to, maybe that will work."

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