Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

Miami (+3.5) at Georgia Tech
Straight Up: Boston Miami
Against the Spread: Miami
Comment: Canes are probably the best team in the ACC right now, which means they are primed for a loss... WHITEOUT!

Boston College (+2.5) at Wake Forest
Straight Up: Boston College
Against the Spread: Boston College
Comment: This game is the reason I hate the ACC…

Clemson (-2.5) at Virginia
Straight Up: Clemson
Against the Spread: Clemson
Comment: What does Vegas know about this game I don't? I guess I am sticking with the Wiseguys here…

Duke (+17) at Virginia Tech
Straight Up: Virginia Tech
Against the Spread: Duke
Comment: After some Thursday night games, Tech settles down for a solid win over Duke…

Florida State (+1) at Maryland
Straight Up: Florida State
Against the Spread: Florida State
Comment: No clue...

NC State (+13) at North Carolina
Straight Up: North Carolina
Against the Spread: NC State
Comment: Too many points in the crazy-assed ACC…

Arkansas (+1) at Mississippi State
Straight Up: Mississippi State
Against the Spread: Mississippi State
Comment: Speaking of crazy-assed…

The Citadel (+112.5) at Florida
Straight Up: Florida
Against the Spread: Florida (No Line)
Comment: Gators could beat the '85 Bears right now…

Ole Miss (+7) at LSU
Straight Up: LSU
Against the Spread: Ole Miss
Comment: In the battle of the crazys, Nutt knocks off Miles for the second year in a row…

Tennessee (+3) at Vanderbilt
Straight Up: Vanderbilt
Against the Spread: Vanderbilt
Comment: Vandy makes it even worse for the Vols…

Lock of the Week Ole Miss (+7) at LSU
Against the Spread: Ole Miss
Comment: This one looks wrong to me - take the Rebels...

Lock of the Week: 6 of 10 or 60%
Against the Spread: 71.5 of 135 or 53%
Straight up: 110 of 156 or 71%

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