Q&A with Ken Shackleford

Dean Legge talked with Ken Shackleford about what made him decide to verbal to Georgia.

Legge: Have you committed verbally to Georgia?

Shackleford: Yes

Legge: What made you decide to commit to Georgia?

Shackleford: Well, I didn't want to pass up on the opportunity. That is the school that I want to go to right now. So I just went ahead and did it.

Legge: Are you excited about the way that the Georgia is going?

Shackleford: Yes sir.

Legge: what made you decide to go to Georgia? You said that it was the school for you, but was there any one thing?

Shackleford: I like the coaches, especially Coach Garner because I have met him more times than any other coach. He's pretty cool too.

Legge: Are you going to enroll early in January?

Shackleford: No sir.

Legge: How many times have you been up to Athens?

Shackleford: Twice.

Legge: Are you still going to take a trip up to Clemson?

Shackleford: Yes sir.

Legge: On January 10th?

Shackleford: Yes sir

Legge: Is that the only one your gonna…

Shackleford: No, I am going to go to Auburn on the (January) 17th and Florida on the 24th.

Legge: Are you going to visit Georgia any other time that the times that you have already visited?

Shackleford: My official visit is this weekend.

Legge: What are you expecting out of the Gala?

Shackleford: I don't know, this is my first visit. I hope that it is a lot of fun and I want to see the school.

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