2010's Benedict Talks Recruiting

The Bolles school in Florida is no stranger to championships and elite players. 2010 OT prospect Brent Benedict is just another one of the great players from this school.

Dawg Post.com caught up with Brent Benedict and talked recruiting and their quest for the state championship this Saturday in Orlando versus Gulliver Prep. ( Sean Taylor's High School)

What is your current height and weight?

Brent Benedict: "I am 6'5" 280lbs"

How many offers do you have?

Benedict: "I up to 15 offers at this point. Georgia, Florida, Virginia, UCLA, Rutgers, Clemson,Arkansas, South Carolina are some of them."

What are you looking for in school?

Benedict: "I am looking for a school with good academics. I want to go to a school that a diploma will help in the real world. I do understand that someday my football career will be over.I am also looking for a school that has a chance to win championships."

Do you have a timetable on when a decision will be made?

Benedict: "I am going to make a decision my Senior year whenever I feel comfortable with a choice."

Would you have a problem redshirting?

Benedict: "No sir I would not. I am looking to play as much as much as I can, but redshirting is not a problem for me"

How has your season gone so far?

Benedict: "We are 13-0 and playing for the state championship in Orlando this Saturday. We had a big win against Madision County last week. We have been really working hard since losing in the 2nd round last year to get to this point."

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