Long Gets a Taste of Athens

ATHENS – Austin Long got just a taste of what it would be like going to school at Georgia over the last weekend.

He admitted he slept nearly the entire way home to Memphis, too.

"It was so much fun," Long said. "I didn't think it was going to be as cool as it was, but it was awesome."

Long was one of a slew of recruits, including several committed players, to visit the Bulldogs for their annual Senior Gala. While he didn't have to be impressed by the event to come to Georgia, he said he was.

"It was awesome," Long said. "I have never been to a college event like that. It was over the top. Everyone knew who I was, which is awesome. They were saying how excited they were about me coming to Georgia."

Long is excited about that, too. Other things excited him about the visit as well. While sitting in Mark Richt's office, Long said he and his parents were able to take a look at the plans for the renovation of the Butts-Mehre weight room. They left impressed.

"They showed us the plans for the new Butts-Mehre weight room," he said. "It looked great. I am excited about it."

For most of the weekend Long spent time with two fellow Georgia commits – Chase Vasser and Dallas Lee, who started the weekend with his second AA State Championship in a row. Long said he was impressed with Buford's winning ways.

"That's what he said – that he'd not lost a game in two years… crazy," Long said with a laugh. "He's not lost since he was a sophomore. He didn't go out Saturday night because he was so tired."

But Long did go out with the team, which game him a chance to spend time with two of the Dawgs' biggest names.

"I got to hang out with Stafford and Moreno," Long said.

Long admitted his time with the two was limited as the duo needed to meet as many people as possible, but it was a good experience nonetheless.

"It was pretty weird because you see them on TV," he said. "It hits you that you could be blocking for them next weekend. In a couple of months we will be right there with them. I can't wait to get up there and start practicing. Coach Searels during practicing is pretty fun. I like seeing him get after the guys; off-the-field he is an old country guy, and I'm the same way. I really like him."

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