Dawg Post Chat Recap

Miss the Dawg Post chat on Thursday night? No problem... the recap of the chat is inside.

<bhdawg> 51 we are on a roll

<lowiq> houston looks around 240 or so

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<scdawg> low houston will be a monster

<seagles> Dean looking forward to meeting you next year at the Camden Bulldawg club meeting

<BlackDeathD> This spring I just hope every player on this team is sicken by this season and just wants to prove the world wrong.

<lowiq> corn washington needed to learn how to play de but he can be that rocket off the edge we need

<Berlusconi> Houston seems to have great lower body strength.

<Berlusconi> Can't wait to see him at 255

<begger>   bh, Cavs, someone send Coach Van that profotballweekly article saying how our S&C program is bad.  I'd love to hear his reaction to that

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<bhdawg> the juco guy looks awesome and robinson is a beast , Hope we get both

<cdawgie> houston was are only bright spot last year that the DE position

<lowiq> if toby  gets in i think he will play next year

<begger> Low, remember Marcus Howard as a rs FR, Houston was MUCH better this past year.  Imagine him in two years

<seagles> Welcome Chad

<DawgFreak> whats the story on Toby?

<XenuDawg> mcphee, jackson and robinson..safe to say UGA would win the DE recruiting award this year if that happens

<lowiq> he needs a test score

<ugadawg004> McPhee is a monster


10,0when does toby get his test back

<bhdawg> hey chad


1,0whatcha say chad

<begger> Cornelius Washington is a physical freak unlike any we've had at his size, with that speed.  Once Fab gets his technique, I can't wait t see him unleashed.

<lowiq> he should find out soon. guess he can take it 2-3 more times still if needed

<BlackDeathD> Everyone jumps on Willie annd i can understand but in 2007 UGA lead the SEC in sacks. That does take coaching


1,0bh we still looking good for brown?

<ChadSimmons> Hey guys, glad to be back


1,0great to have u back


10,0glad to have you chad

<bhdawg> so far so good on brown, he is coming in for a 3rd time , should mean something

<ChadSimmons> On Toby, he just took the test for the second time last week and he will likely not know his score until early in 09

<bhdawg> hope he gets it

<lowiq> chad didnt you go see arthur lynch/fontaine? what did you think of him

<XenuDawg> Is this nonsense about Marlon Brown being a silent to OHio State just that..nonsense?


1,0chad great to hear on montez robinson from your story

<BlackDeathD> wow ear;y 09 he really could use a spring with the D'


1,0guy sounded pretty damn sure of the dawgs

<begger> Chad, Sctt, Dean, how many more times can Toby take the test?  6?

<bhdawg> guys the hc at harding told me the grandma really took to coach eason, said he spent almost 2 hrs with her on the last visit

<begger> ANy idea how many more points he needs?

<bumdawg> Chad....welcome home!  I have followed your coverage for the last few years and am excited that you will still becover UGA recruiting!!  What are our real chances at landing Jarvis Jones?

<wheeler325> Is Georgia still recruiting Eric Berry's cousin, I believe his name was Leone Berry


1,0bh i hope ohio st does not sneak in and get him from both ut and uga

<ChadSimmons> Yes, I did see Lynch and he is a very good looking traditional TE... Great size, good strength, and he will fit into UGA well... Needs to work on hands more than anything

<bhdawg> who will throw the ball to him at osu

<ChadSimmons> 0Brown is not committed anywhere.

<bhdawg> amen chad

<cdawgie> good news


1,0talk to me chad lol

<ChadSimmons> UGA is curretnyl in the driver's seat for Montez Robinson

<Berlusconi> Bh, will Grandma be coming this weekend?

<cdawgie> whats the news on massie

<ChadSimmons> Begger, around 4 more times by June

<XenuDawg> How about McPhee? You got a feel on him?


1,0chad do u think montez will decide sooner than later

<bhdawg> I m thinking grandma is coming just because of eason

<lowiq> any of you that watched eci in the dome, washaun ealy has been playing banged up for a couple months. he is better than he looked

<scdawg> agree low

<ChadSimmons> begger, not many... he is close


1,0but moody really impressed me


1,0Chad is Tank Sessions liking football over basketball now?

<EmotionalFescue> can we get Charles Barkley to give Montez a call?

<begger> thanks chad, I was guessing once a month

<XenuDawg> Moody sure impressed alot of people


10,0I think someone needs to help tutor toby

<ChadSimmons> bumdawg, UGA has come on strong for Jones, but still trail UF imo

<seagles> I agree lo WE looked hurt

<bhdawg> low I remember seeing film on him early in the year, we both know he is  a stud

<ChadSimmons> wheeler, no... UGA is no longer involved with Leon.

<Berlusconi> I did, Low.  I really like Ealy.  His junior film is impressive


1,0chad do we have a legit chance of turning jarvis

<ugadawg004> i'm pretty much convinced Jarvis Jones is going to UF

<DawgFreak> Are we still scouting Jemea Thomas?

<Cavs55> low i heard he is 20 yrsold


1,0me too 004


1,0Is Aaron Murray enrolling next month?

<ChadSimmons> Massie is still a slight Bama lean at this time, but UGA is right there on their behind them.

<bumdawg> hey Scott...in your opinion, what are the chances that Stafford comes back? Moreno comes back?

<bhdawg> aaron is already enrolled <  I believe

<scdawg> what is your feeling on charles chad

<lowiq> cav he might be 19 but thats all, he couldnt have played this year if he turned 19 before a certain date

<ChadSimmons> No feel on McPhee... the last I heard was MSU and UGA and it being too close to call


1,0bh, he plays in the state title game Saturday,ha


1,0last visit with massie coul;d change that slight bama lead...that is HUGE

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<bhdawg> his name is on the uga list and his mailing address and his new email addy

<ChadSimmons> scdawg, Robinson says he still plans to commit on signing day, but I personally would not be surprised to see him commit earlier than that

<woozy> chad, there is a sophmore QB over here in Myrtle Beach named Everete Golston who led MB to the SC AAA championship, do you know anything about him?

<begger> lake, he is among those expected to enroll early, Him, Vasser, I think Dallas Lee, and Austin Lng

<bhdawg> I saw it today along with dallas lee and one other

<begger> ANd Mettenberger


2,0there are 7 more SAT/ACT Dates before player enroll in the summer

<bhdawg> yea mett

<seagles> Saw where Saban visited Branden Smith....will he come here?

<lowiq> i think vasser is waiting to enroll now


1,0Plant plays Talahasee Lincioln and Jawanza Starling Saturday


1,0i think we get the kenney kid the juco wr

<ChadSimmons> Aldog, I don't think Sessions is personally, but those around him are telling him football is better for him in the long run... He could be a VERY good TE if he focuses o football.

<bhdawg> he looks strong as dirt

<bhdawg> kenny can hit too

<begger> bh, isn't Austin enrolling early?

<lakelanddawg> Scott, you gonna see the High School game of the century tomorrow night?

<DixieDawg02> Golston is a good athelete and only in 10th grade but has a slow release and not the strongest arm.

<lowiq> i havent seen wooten live yet, what is your take on him

<bhdawg> he hasnt yet, but I can find out with a phone call


1,0Wooten is a muck kid, electric


1,0we need to hold on to wooten

<begger> How tall is Tank Chad?  If he's hoops, he better be at least 6'7 or 6'8 cnsidering what he'd play

<ChadSimmons> scdawg, Yes, UGA does have a legit shot at Jarvis imo... They have steadily been climbing the ladder for him... I talked to someone close to him today that


4,0even said UGA could be leading now. I still think the Gators is who everyone is chasing

<bhdawg> wooten would be a 4 yr punt and ko returner  lol


1,0chad what is your feel on starling

<seagles> I think its going to be tough to get Wooten

<ChadSimmons> Dawgfreak, UGA was never really involved with Thomas.

<bumdawg> Scott...any thoughts on Stafford/Moreno returning next year?

<ChadSimmons> lakelanddawg, Yes, Murray is enrolling in January.

<DawgFreak> thx Chad



<RedanDawg> wooten can't steal logans job bh

<XenuDawg> Chad, who would be your #1 senior in the class of 2010, if you had to call it today?


1,0awesome news on jarvis chad

<ChadSimmons> scdawg, Georgia has the edge for Charles and I like their chances right now

<lowiq> murray sure looked good at the uga camp

<bhdawg> archie manning and gil brandt told staff to stay


1,0crit u may be right on jarvis lol

<begger> Chad, have you any idea where Michael Lemon might go after this year?

<Berlusconi> That's great news on Orson Charles!!

<bhdawg> crit has utc hired yet

<ChadSimmons> woozy, no, I do not know about Golston at this time, but will right his name down to check on.

<lowiq> begger im guessing georgia southern for lemon

<bpadgett09> Are any other players likely to go to the draft early besides staff/moreno

<lakelanddawg> Orson is a great football player

<DixieDawg02> Chad if we dont get Massie do we go after someone else at OT

<Scott_Kennedy> bumdawg, I usually side with the money when it comes to players turning pro


1,0Would create some serious mismatches

<Berlusconi> Chad, where do you think UGA turns first if Massie commits to Bama before his UGA visit?

<begger> thanks low, i've been curious about where he'd land

<bhdawg> hola

<Aldog> i banned dean.

<bhdawg> lol

<EmotionalFescue> "ask and you shall receive"

<sicemdawgs77> you guys quit making fun of dean's purple shirts

<elovely1> Dean, I'd love to be a moderator

<CedarDawg87> Chad, what do you do you really think about Jarvis Jones as a player and where he will probably end up?

<ChadSimmons> Berlusconi, if I hear of a new name, then I will let you know... Right now, it is what you see is what you get, but there is still plenty of time for a surprise recruit or two to emerge

<lowiq> im glad we have started looking at the jucos a little more. dont want to load up on them but they are a great fill in the blank

<elovely1> okay so we have 6 ships left.  who fills the sumbeaches up?

<ChadSimmons> wheeler325, no, UGA is no longer involved with Leon Berry

<woozy> Dean/Chad any thing on Kwame Geathers.  He didn't make the SC East/West all-star game, and nothing being said about him around here in SC

<DixieDawg02> Do yall really think Asher will leave early?

<bhdawg> I ve always said that low, and there are some honcho s out there

<critdog> berry committed already to another school

<Scott_Kennedy> Low, I watched most of the Mississippi JuCos last week... there are so many good players there, that still probably can't get in school

<Scott_Kennedy> BH, I think you're close to Northwest CC, find out what the deal is with Roderick Jefferson 6-5/215 WR that can run and catch

<Berlusconi> It seems like any team can also use a JUCO or two across the lines of scrimmage.

<bhdawg> will do

<NVaDawg> Chad sorry if already discussed but what are your thoughts on how DE recruiting plays out. Seem to be a few possibilities right now

<DixieDawg02> I had heard South Carolina has Kwame on the back up plan list.

<bhdawg> scott is he a soph or freshman

<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, not a real comparison there yet because AJ played end and DT played DT in high school... Jones is more athletic, quicker, and better at getting up field where Tyson is better laterally and stronger against the run.

<XenuDawg> CMR wanted to recruit JUCOS all along, didn't he? I thought he felt at the time it was too tough to get a JUCO into UGA

<lowiq> oklahoma, southern cal, lsu, ohio state, florida ect have used jucos to strengthen a weak spot. we should to

<Scott_Kennedy> Jefferson is a sophomore

<ugadawg004> I don't think there is any way Asher goes pro.. jmo

<bhdawg> ok

<Scott_Kennedy> if he can't play, I don't know what the hell I'm looking at

<ChadSimmons> scdawg, UGA is very good position with Marlon Brown right now, but hard for me not to say home state Tennessee if I HAD to pick one today.

<Scott_Kennedy> still has to be a grades thing

<seagles> Chad...what do you think of dl Jeremiah Booth (jr) of Camden

<bhdawg> their new hc is the old panola  co hs coach that won 89 games or so in a row.

<IGotNoSources> Chad...Have you heard anything about Jeff Whitaker transferring to Northside next year?

<ChadSimmons> bhdawg, yes, I will be there... I really like Keiwone Malone, that kid is a very shifty WR that has some offers

<bhdawg> must be grades


<DixieDawg02> The thing about JUCO's is they develop bad habits and its hard to be a real leader in 2 years. Irvin tried but its tough.

<bhdawg> maclin the lineman at ridgeway , scruggs at mitchell and octavious gibson rb at mitchell all are studs

<ChadSimmons> hinesacl, Jarvis had a solid year and I like his potential, but Jones had a monster year and never had a down game that I saw on tape.

<Berlusconi> Bh, we still in good shape for that super sophmore we offered in camp from Tennessee?

<DixieDawg02> We need leaders desperately on defense and other than Rennie I dont see it next year.

<bhdawg> is that kiwone malone

<Scott_Kennedy> there are 2 bonafied monsters in this state that have to be grade problems... Ryan Attaway at Camden and Terrell Mitchell at McEachern. Chad and I will probably be scouting them again in 2 years

<danieliroberts> owens is a leader dixie

<Berlusconi> Don't think that's him.  Can't remember his name though

<EmotionalFescue> we should have lots of leaders on D...I say "should" have lots

<DixieDawg02> Yeah I forgot Owens was back you are right.

<Dean_Legge> Kwame, like the rest of the Geathers, is a mystery

<bhdawg> could be octavious gibson the rb , he was a soph this year at mitchell

<XenuDawg> The Geathers family hates the media worse than George Bush

<ugadawg004> I like how we're loading up on OL.. unless we continue to have injuries i see us having good OLs every year

<Berlusconi> Apparently the kid was all UGA.  Sorta an AJ Green type of thing.

<ChadSimmons> CedarDawg87, Jones is either a MIKE backer or a DE... He is only going to get bigger and I like him better tha closer he is to the LOS right now... No need for him to be out in space or in coverage... He pursues the ball well, he sheds blcoks ok, and he is very explosive through the offensive player. UF leads for him now imo.

<Dean_Legge> They need to get over the media

<DixieDawg02> We need help at saftey and DE in the worst way. I hope the staffs sudden interest in DE's is not a response to them not liking what they see in Washington and


<bhdawg> that would be kiwone malone at mitchell

<bhdawg> top 50 wr in the se

<ChadSimmons> woozy, I expect Kwame to sign  with Carolina and play with Clifton at this time

<Scott_Kennedy> All right y'all... have a good evenin'

<SnobordinDawg> Chad, other than Massie and I guess Geathers, are we pursuing any other OL?

<Berlusconi> for some reason the last name Jackson keeps coming to mind

<XenuDawg> Scott must have a show that's coming on at 8:30

<coop4hsman> Dean, what'd you make of the interview with Damon Evans?  Seems like there were some underlying messages.

<ChadSimmons> VaDawg, I think UGA will take one more DE... If McPhee commits, then hard for me to see them holding out for Robinson unless their other targets decide to commit elsewhere early, but I do not see that happening either.

<Dean_Legge> Maybe some underlying messages. Damon is one of the few people who can do something about anything at Georgia, so he does need to be carefull what he says

<cdawgie> damon wants what we want... a national championship

<EmotionalFescue> Scott Kennedy loves 'Kath and Kim'.  There, I said it.

<Dean_Legge> Obviously everyone wants a National title... I am sure Damon does, too

<bhdawg> damon is a football dawg , he will handle it , dont worry

<danieliroberts> dean, any word on how harmon has looked?

<Dean_Legge> I will get a better look at AJ in orlando. They have canceled practice tommorow and are going at 8:30 AM saturday, so...


<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, No, he will get to Athens, but it will likely not be until June

<elovely1> Starling?

<JeffJohn> I just logged in & saw someone mention that we might not get Toby? What's that all about?

EmotionalFescue  sorry if this is weird, I hit the "Send as action" button by accident.  _ Did everyone see Branden Smith's recruiting diary from this weekend at UGA on AJC?  Very cool

<SnobordinDawg> Dean, you probably missed it being out...Evans to stay at S?

<bhdawg> waiting on grades thats all

<ChadSimmons> danielroberts, Lott is the most athletic big man in GA... raw, talented, a lot of tools to work with, and he can go as far as he wants to... he will RS, but but if he applies himself and UGA coaches him up, then he will be VERY good

<Bladenite1478> how fast is Cameron Kenny?  does he have truly elite speed or like Momass speed?

<USAFdawg757> lott's videos are VERy impressive

<EmotionalFescue> ­


<ChadSimmons> SnobordinDawg, yes...

<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, UGA is not involved with Anthony Oden and he has no offer from Georgia

<bhdawg> branden will be a dawg

<danieliroberts> amen

<EmotionalFescue> hallelujah


Chad, do u think it was a mistake for us not going after Bowman?

<ChadSimmons> SAFdawg757, UGA is the one to beat at this time for Charles

<IGotNoSources> Chad...What is your favorite HS stadium you have been to over the years?



<Dean_Legge> I am not sure I know that he will never return to CB, but that's what it seems like

<bhdawg> I would rather have the juco wr than bowman anyway

<Dean_Legge> Adams Stadium... DeKalb Stadium

<ChadSimmons> elovely1, IMO UF would be the school I call the learder for Starling, but FSU and UGA are right there as well

<danieliroberts> chad whats the deal with uga and markeith ambles?


2,0yeah, that guys looks like a real talent

<bhdawg> our committee would not let bowman in under any circumstances , I dont believe

<ChadSimmons> JeffJohn, UGA will get Toby as soon as he qualifies... He will be in Athens by June

<elovely1> tnx

<trooperdawg980> of those left on wish list, who is the "1,"2, And #3 must haves

<DawgFan1981> Dean, Adams Stadium really?


2,0yeah, that's kinda what i figured bh, although there are always exceptions

<Dean_Legge> Adams is awesome

<lowiq> branden smith is number 1 i think

<Bladenite1478> Chad, how fast is Cameron Kenny?  Does he have truly elite speed in your opinion?

<bhdawg> me too low

<danieliroberts> and will get the #1

<bhdawg> then marlon brown and charles

<ChadSimmons> Bladenite1478, I am not sure... Based on what little film I have seen, Kenney has good speed, but not elite speed

<DawgFan1981> I guess I never really thought about it all the years I went there

<Dean_Legge> Branden Smith is pretty fast. Pretty quick, too

<lowiq> a florida hs coach told me he thinks charles is a top 10 player in florida

<ChadSimmons> USAFdawg757, if he qualifies out of high school, then yes

<Dean_Legge> Charles is a stud for sure


2,0from the gala updates sounded like B. Smith and Jarvis really got along well

<bhdawg> anybody on here at the gala

<EmotionalFescue> Adams?  Really? Kinda sucked when I played there.  My stadium has smartturf now so I have no legs basis to bash.


2,0would be a coup over the gators

<DeLeonDawg> Chad, Do you think Randal Carroll does not go to USC and would take a genuine look at UGA or at that point more likely goes to UF?

<ChadSimmons> IGotNoSources, That is a hard one... I will have to think about that one, but I really like Valdosta's stadium

<bhdawg> me too chad

<DixieDawg02> What would be the difference between Charles and Aaron White. Both were tweeners out of HS.

<DawgFan1981> I never really thought Adams was all that special

<Bulldogs77> Not sure if it was covered earlier, but any new on Ray Ray?  Also, how much worrying should we be doing with regards to Wooten going elsewhere?

<lowiq> charles is thicker than white

<Dean_Legge> Orson is a better player IMO... very physical

<ChadSimmons> danielroberts, nothing new on Ambles... BIG TIME player, but just some off the field issues that could be holding them back imo

<Berlusconi> Stone Mtn Pirates, baby.  Dekalb Memorial!

<danieliroberts> best stadium is in lyons, ga and we call it "the pit"

<seagles> Camden has a real nice stadium.

<trooperdawg980> how about memorial stadium in wayx

<lowiq> daniel the pit is a dump. great place for hs football though


2,0people always forget the Granite Bowl

<bhdawg> like memorial stadium in waycross.

<gwilborn> when were u at SMH Berslusconi?

<danieliroberts> watch it low lol


2,0it's a shame the Blue Devils have fallen on such hard times

<DawgFan1981> Berlusconi, when were you at Stone Mountain?

<ChadSimmons> trooperdawg980, IMO it would be Branden Smith on top with the rest behind him

<Berlusconi> Graduated in '93

<DawgFan1981> oh way before my time haha

<IGotNoSources> Where is Adams Stadium?

<bhdawg> u guys have good one. c yall on the flip flop

<gwilborn> I grduated in83

<DawgFan1981> i went there in 96

<danieliroberts> i seem to recall rocky top being played at the shamrock bowl

<Dean_Legge> Adams is in DeKalb County

<lowiq> guys i have to get back to work. enjoyed it. thanks dean and chad

<DawgFan1981> graduated from Cross Keys though

<Dean_Legge> See ya Low

<IGotNoSources> Mill Creek is really nice...Like a small college stadium

<ChadSimmons> AFdawg75, Smith and Jones talk on a regular basis... They have become good friends

<Berlusconi> They put any windows in that prison yet?

<gwilborn> no

<danieliroberts> chad, what is ur opinion on vasser?

<ChadSimmons> DeLeonDawg, If UGA pursues Carroll, then he will look at them... Right now, UGA is recruiting him, not pursuing him

<Berlusconi> Boy, was it depressing to walk in there on a pretty spring day

<EmotionalFescue> If high school stadiums in Texas had the ability to laugh, they'd be in tears and rolling on the ground right now listening to us.

<DawgFan1981> I don't remember Stone Mountain having windows lol

<elovely1> back to decorating the Christmas tree


<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, Charles is faster, stronger, and just flat out better than White out of high school imo... Charles is a lot more versatile than White

<elovely1> ya be kew n ow, here?

<woozy> USFDawg, spent a lot of time over there in the early 90's, good luck to you and God Speed

<ChadSimmons> Bulldogs77, Ray Ray Armstrong update coming on Friday...

<Berlusconi> No windows except for the one on the front door

<DawgFan1981> Chad, I've seen Charles compared to Ben Watson, what do you think of that comparison?

<DawgFan1981> yeah, that's what I thought

<trooperdawg980> dean will owens staying influence others

<DixieDawg02> Why would we not pursue Carroll if we thought we had a shot? He lookes awesome on film.

<cdawgie> do you think we get wooten at the end?

<ChadSimmons> danielroberts, Vasser is a good athlete with good size, but he will have to work hard to play at UGA... he has to attack more, be a better tackler, shed blocks better, and just play tough

<Dean_Legge> He's not Ben Watson b/c he's not that big, but he is very physical. He can play TE and slot. Orason is going to be a beast on specail teams

<Berlusconi> I'll never forget Ben Watson chasing down Champ Bailey 80 yards across the field.  Unreal!

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<Dean_Legge> By others are yeo talking about Matthew and Knowshon? I think those decisions are all seperate from one antoher

<JortLoather> Chad, was Vasser worthy of an offer over somone like Nico or other in state LBers.

<trooperdawg980> yesthanks

<danieliroberts> thanks chad, i agree with you

<thedogfather> Did he really stomp some kid's throat?

<ChadSimmons> Dawgfan1981, Obviously I have seen Watson play, but I have never seen him in person and never saw him in H.S. - Charles is physically impressive like Watson, but just not that same type of size

<Dean_Legge> Vasser's body is what seperates him from other guys... he's got a great body

<Bulldogs77> Would Carroll and Wooten not the same type of receiver?  I would think Wooten's commitment would be the reason.

<JortLoather> Like...he has a good beach body?

<DixieDawg02> Why did we offer Vasser before Jones? I think JJ has held that against us the whole time. Was it the coaching change?

<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, Not sure... Maybe they feel he is playing games, maybe they want to focus on Brown... Not sure really

<IGotNoSources> Easy Dean:)

<DawgFan1981> yeah, Watson is a lot bigger than Charles, I was thinking playmaking ability

<Dean_Legge> Dixie that may have been a part of it, but they knew about Jarivs, too

<ChadSimmons> cdawgie, as of today, yes I do think UGA gets Wooten

<DixieDawg02> Do you think we get Brown?

<critdog> carroll is suppose to come in jan unless something changed- rodney was in cali last week

<hinesacl> Surprised they offered Vasser so early if they think he will have to work so hard to see the field.  Usually they slow play the in state guys.

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<IGotNoSources> Chad...Marlon Brown or Patrick Turner?

<ChadSimmons> JortLoather, UGA offered Nico, but they pulled it after Gilliard committed... Nico is the better Backer though

<Berlusconi> who is Nico?

<Dean_Legge> IMO Georgia has some pretty raw guys in this class... maybe that can be said each year, but I think it can certainly be said this season, too

<jrubin> chad, forget recruiting, how was that beach house I got for you and the fam over the summer.  (j/k) hope you got my text and good luck

<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, UGA offered Vasser before Jones because UGA had no coach in Jones' area when the offers started going out... David Johnson recruited the area and they waited for Lilly to get in place before he and Garner went there to offer Jones

<DixieDawg02> seems like most of the raw guys are on defense.

<Berlusconi> Lott, Moody, Vasser, Mett all fit that bill, Dean

<kensingtondawg> Chad, I saw some video of Marlon Brown.  He doesn't seem to have great speed.  Do you think he's more of a deep threat or possession receiver in college?

<cdawgie> what are your thoughts on Mackey

<danieliroberts> mackey is going to clemson

<DixieDawg02> Even last year with guys like Commings and Rambo.

<Dean_Legge> I think Mackey is going to Clemson

<ChadSimmons> DixeDawg02, UGA is a SERIOUS contender for Brown... Still think it could be tough to beat Tennessee, but if anyone can do it, UGA can

<DeLeonDawg> Dean, do you think there's a small chance Moreno returns or is it a foregone conclusion?

<ChadSimmons> critdog, Rodney was in Cali last week to see Harfman, not Carroll... Carroll was in Hawaii... I talked to Carroll last night and he has not set a visit up with UGA

<DawgFan1981> do you guys think Aaron Murray will redshirt because of his leg injury?

<Dean_Legge> Perhaps Rambo and Sanders were raw, but they made a lot of plays on offense. Rabmo may be pretty damn good soon

<Berlusconi> Dean, is Rambo the real deal.  CMR sure spoke highly of him Tech week.

<DixieDawg02> Brown looks plenty fast. You have to factor in his height. Long strides.

<Dean_Legge> I think Knowshon may be the closest to leaving off all of them, but, again, that's none of my business and Knowshon has said nothing to me about it... so I am in the dark on that one

<EmotionalFescue> How cool will a stud with Rambo on the back of a UGA uni look?

<EmotionalFescue> RAMBO!

<Berlusconi> BTW, never could figure out if Nick Williams redshirted or not.  Anyone know?

<Bulldogs77> murray is playing now.  if he redshirts it's because we have better options

<Dean_Legge> Murray won't RS b/c of the leg.. that will be dealt with by then

<ChadSimmons> IGotNoSources, Not sure, never really evaluated Turner

<DixieDawg02> Who do we have committed that yall consider Nasty. If there is one thing we missed the most this year it was nastiness on defense.

<JortLoather> well if throat stomps count, Vasser is pretty nasty.  j/k

<suwaneegeorgia> not sure if this has been asked, but are we still recruiting william campbell, the big lineman out of the midwest?

<critdog> chad what day did they go to hawaii

<Dean_Legge> Nasty... let me think

<thedogfather> FWIW, Murray plays at 1pm Saturday on Sun Channel

<Berlusconi> Shawn Williams!!!!!

<danieliroberts> campbell is believed to be heading to michigan regardless

<ChadSimmons> kensingtondawg, Brown is a physical receiver with good speed that will compliment Green well if he chooses UGA... No 6-5, 205 kids are known as speed guys, but he will use his size, hands, athleticism, and skills to be a good one imo. I look forward to seeing him in Orlando.

<Bulldogs77> Wish I got Sun

<scdawg> chad i got knocked off and did not see your response...did u say you do not think we will take mcphee and robinson?  i would think with our obvious need at de for explosive players we would take both

<DixieDawg02> yeah Williams does look like a nasty saftey

<Dean_Legge> Williams may be as close to nasty as I would get.

<IGotNoSources> Will have to watch Murray on slingbox...will be at mom's for Christmas and she don't get Sun Sports

<ChadSimmons> cdawgie, I am a big fan of Mackey off the edge... Needs to add strength, but good length and quick off the ball

<EmotionalFescue> Offensive guys are nasty too - Ben Jones is nastier than a port-o-john sitting in the South Georgia sun

<Dean_Legge> Yes, but nasty doesn't come around very often. Ben was nasty... yes

<suwaneegeorgia> we need to cut some non performers loose so we can add some help at the DE position

<ChadSimmons> DixieDawg02, Shawn Williams is my guy that I would call nasty

<thedogfather> Chad, do you think Dallas Lee could have a Ben Jones type impact?  Saw him at the banquet and he is HUGE

<Dean_Legge> No.

<Dean_Legge> Dallas seems headed for a RS IMO

<Berlusconi> LOL. Ben Jones is nastier than turd


1,0ben jones is a very special type kid.

<critdog> chad  do you like mcphee or robinson better?

<ChadSimmons> suwaneegeorgia, No, UGA never really got involved there

<DawgFan1981> Will Sturdivant be ready to come back at the beginning of next year?

<Bulldogs77> Thinking about who RS this year, who is primed to have the biggest breakout season in 09?


4,0he was gone the full week and the game was last Friday... he left on Monday and returned last Saturday

<DawgFan1981> Carlton Thomas

<Dean_Legge> Trinton is "supposed" to be ready. He is not made available to us, so I am assuming they are good on trinton

<DixieDawg02> Ben Jones has leader written all over him. We need some Jonses on defense.

<Dean_Legge> Carlton Thomas is a stud

<EmotionalFescue> Dean, will any OLineman from '09 play next year in your opinion?

<critdog> how good is the juco kicker?

<scdawg> i def think if mcphee and robinson wanted to come i cannot see us turning them away both of them

<ChadSimmons> scdawg, I think UGA takes the first one out of McPhee and Robinson... numbers are too tight

<scdawg> gotcha

<Bulldogs77> I was surprised he didn't play on either of our return teams this year.  Why was that?

<DawgFan1981> I think Carlton will be huge as a returner next year

<Dean_Legge> Emotional... depends on how GA ends, but I am going to go no right now... no on the OL

<DeLeonDawg> Dean, do you see Boling at guard or tackle next year?


4,0thedogfather, I expect Dallas to RS, but he is a solid OL that plays hard, but he needs ot work on his hand placement and hlding his blocks longer

<Dean_Legge> That's a good ? Bulldogs77

<critdog> chad your best guess at the total number signed?

<trooperdawg980> chad that's the kind of info we expect from you  great

<Dean_Legge> Hopefully Clint will be at OG, but they may need him out there at OT

<cdawgie> if samuels goes to LB, who is behind King at RB?

<DawgFan1981> I think Boling will be at LG, if our Tackles are healthy

<critdog> how good are the junior linemen at buford

<IGotNoSources> Dean...thoughts on our OL next year.  Whith all the talent and experience, do you see anyone moving over to D?

<ChadSimmons> critdog, I like McPhee better TODAY, but I just saw 4 clips of him, but I really like Robinson's potential better... That kid is athletic and he will play at 255-26) with good speed. Just needs to RS though.

<IGotNoSources> I guess not with Owens coming back

<danieliroberts> chad u heard anything on the two at ECI with grades?

<DawgFan1981> Jackson, Ealey and Thomas

<ChadSimmons> scdawg, UGA will not turn away BOTH McPhee and Robinson, but if one commits early, then it is hard for me to see UGA taking both in the end.

<Dean_Legge> Someone may get a look at a move to DL... that's what spring is for. I am not sure they talent has been completely harnessed yet, but Stacy is the guy to get it out of them. Think about how you that group is still... i want to see them dominate...

<Bulldogs77> I've read where Samuels is a competitor and wants to do better, but do you think his confidence is really shaken right now?  I can't imagine being as young as he is and thrust into this kind of stage.

<EmotionalFescue> Vance, Sturdy, Clint, Cordy, Anderson, J Davis, C Davis, B Jones - Who starts, who sits?

<JortLoather> Chad, in your opinion, who does UGA prefer at end?

<ChadSimmons> critdog, 21-22 IF they get the right ones... If a few get away I expect UGA to hold them for another tight class next year

<Berlusconi> I'd like to see a line of Trinton, Anderson, Jones, Harmon, Boling

<EmotionalFescue> Question abovie for Dean

<Dean_Legge> You are also assuming Caleb will be the backup RB next year. I am not assuming that at this time

<Berlusconi> wait, forgot Cody Glenn,  Damn, we're loaded

<ChadSimmons> danielroberts, nothing really other than both are on track to qualify

dogdr Quit (Web Browser left the chat web page)

<ChadSimmons> JortLoather, probbaly McPhee is they had to pick one because he is more SEC ready physically

<DawgFan1981> I'd like to see the line look like Sturdivant, Boling, Jones, Glenn, Vance

<thedogfather> Caleb was named as a potential Heisman candidate in a Scout/FoxSports article for next season

<fanofclassa> Caleb King???

<DawgFreak> lol


<BlackDeathD> why is it we seem to have a tight class every year and south carolina and Bama seems to sign 30 kids every year.

<Berlusconi> Good work as always,Dean, Scott, Chad!  Thanks

<trooperdawg980> imo moreno would be lock for heisman if he returns behind that line

<cdawgie> I assume Caleb will be the starter simply because of senority but we have alot of guys behind Caleb without a lot of playing time.

<IGotNoSources> Reggie Nelson just got burned

<fanofclassa> Moreno wouldn't if Stafford returns

<hinesacl> A lot of there's don't get in school...ours mostly do

<ChadSimmons> OK guys, thanks for joining the chat tonight. Hopefully we can do this again.

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