Could Jackson still enroll early?

One of Georgia's prize signees in 2008 was defensive end Toby Jackson. The explosive end did not play between the hedges this past fall.

Still, he plans to make a lot of noise in Athens next season. He has been working hard at Hargrave Military Academy and he feels he is getting close to being a Bulldog.

"I felt a little pressure to make the score I needed the first time, but I felt a lot more comfortable when I took it last time (12/13/2008)," said Toby Jackson. "I have been working hard, I have been taking practice tests, and I feel I did good on this one. I felt like I knew a lot of the answers on this test and I had not felt that before."

Jackson was pressing to make the score the first time, but after talking with his family, the UGA coaching staff, and those that support him, he went into this past test with a little different attitude.

"I talked to my parents and the coaches at Georgia and they told me not to press and just to relax when I take the test because I have all the way until June to make it. I want to get to UGA early and they would like to have me there too, but they just want me to relax and do the best I can."

The former Griffin Bear is not far away for achieving the score he needs. He feels just a couple of right answers could make the difference.

"I just need one or two points to be qualified, so I hope I get that when my scores come back. I would like to enroll early, but if I can't, then I will either be there in the spring or by June. I am just going to keep working hard."

Time is not on Jackson's side when talking enrolling early; it is Christmas week and he would need to be set to enroll the first week of January. If the Prep School star is not ready by that time, then he will likely visit Athens late in January.

Hargrave DE Toby Jackson
"We haven't definitely set the date yet for my official visit, but we have talked about it, and I think it is going to be January 30. I think it will be the last weekend and I will probably visit the same time as my teammate Bobbie Massie. Like I said, it is set officially set, but that is the date we keep talking about."

Massie is a big target for the Dawgs and Georgia will have the chance to host him on their campus just days before signing day. Jackson has been working the big offensive tackle, but he is not going to overdue it.

"Me and Massie is real good friends and we have gotten kind of close. We do a lot of talking and we talk about recruiting, but I want him to make the best decision for him. I have told him that I want him to come with me to Georgia and that I would like for him to be my teammate there, but I am not really pressuring him too much. He has to make the decision." It has been a real adjustment for Jackson in Chatham, Va. And he has had to make some personal changes along the way since the move in August. He has been there for over three months and he feels the strict rules will only help him in the future.

"I think me being up at Hargrave is going to help me out a lot. There is not much to do up there, so I have been working out a lot, getting stronger, and I think it will help me a lot. I was up to about 272 pounds two weeks ago when I weighed, but I am just working out hard and trying to get prepared mentally for Georgia. The way it is up there has made me tougher, it has helped me stay focused, and it has taught me some discipline."

Now, he wants to take what he has learned on and off the field back South to the University of Georgia. He worked hard late in the 2008 school year to make it close academically and he has put in a lot of hard work at Hargrave. The stress is there, he wants to be at UGA bad, so when that time comes, he will welcome it.

"It is going to feel like a big relief off my chest when I get the score I need and I feel I am close," he confessed. "I have worked hard, I have gotten closer to Jesus Christ, and I know good things are coming for me."

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