Brown left UGA with that feeling

The University of Georgia held their final practice early Saturday morning before they reconvene in Orlando after Christmas. Not much was going on in Athens this weekend, but the Dawgs had a very big visitor on campus. It was his second trip to UGA and he loved the experience.

"I got to Georgia around 11am on Saturday morning and I left around 4:30pm on Sunday," said Marlon Brown. "I took my official visit to Georgia back in September when they played Alabama, so this was my second visit to Athens and things went good again."

Georgia wasted no time with Brown. He is a priority of theirs and the 6-foot-5, 205 pound receiver spent a good amount of time with UGA Head Coach Mark Richt as soon as he arrived.

"I sat down with Coach Richt for about an hour and a half when I got there. He is easy to talk to and we had a good conversation. More than anything we talked about life in general, but he talked to me about some other things too. He told me that he wanted me at Georgia a lot. He said a lot of things about having me at Georgia. We talked for a while and it was a very good conversation."

After spending some one on one time with Coach Richt, Brown walked over to Stegman Coliseum to watch the Dawgs beat Wofford in dramatic fashion. The crowd was low do to students being home for break and the opponent was not an SEC opponent, but he watched UGA hit a shot at the buzzer to get the victory.

The two sport (football and basketball) star out of Harding Academy in Memphis (TN) watched the game with a couple of players and coaches. He enjoyed the game, but was not focused just on hoops during that time.

"Coach [John] Eason, Coach [Stacy] Searels, Joe Cox, and T.K. (Tavarres King) were at the game with me and I talked with them about different things while I watched some of the game."

"It was cool to talk with the coaches and the players to see what they had to say and the game was pretty good too. We had a good time out there."

One of Georgia's top signees in the class of 2008 was King. The home state receiver spent some time with a guy he could be lining up with between the hedges. Brown liked what he saw in King.

"He was real cool and so was Joe Cox. T.K. and I talked a good bit and one thing that stood out to me was when he said that Coach Eason and the Georgia coaches are all the same even when I am not around. I felt he was being honest about that and that was important."

The statement by King meant something to the number four receiver in the country, but what about the Georgia basketball program? They did beat Wofford, but did he spend any time with the basketball coaches while in Athens?

"I did not meet with anyone from the basketball coaching staff and I am not sure if I am even going to try to play both sports in college now. I just don't know yet, but I know that basketball is not going to be a factor in my decision. It is going to be about football, the coaches, my relationships, and where I feel comfortable."

The relationship Brown has with the UGA staff appears to be strong. He has spent time with Coach Eason, Coach Searels, Coach [Mike] Bobo, and Coach Richt this fall at different times and he says they have a good connection.

"The highlight of this visit for me was just the time I got to spend with the coaches," he stated. "I spent a lot of time with Coach Richt and Coach Eason and I talked for a good while too."

"I really like Coach Eason (receivers coach) a lot. He is an older guy, he has been around, and he is just cool. I think he knows what he is doing out there. The whole staff at Georgia is cool and they are honest."

UGA must really want the playmaker out of Memphis if they were being honest with him this visit because he felt that way when he left.

"I feel Georgia wants me big time. All of the coaches have told me that and they told me that a lot this weekend. They made it very clear to me that they want me at Georgia."

There is no doubt that Brown is wanted by those in Athens, but will Brown want to call Athens home in the future? That is the question. Florida, LSU, Ohio State, and Tennessee are the other four programs on Brown's list, but UGA did make another strong impression during his second visit.

"This will be my final visit to Georgia before I make my decision on signing day and I had another great time. I visited again because I wanted to see if I had the same feelings that I had before and I did."

"I didn't really pick up anything new, but I learned everything during my official visit, so I wasn't really looking for anything. I wanted to see if I felt the way I did about Georgia just because of my official visit or because I liked Georgia. I know I love Athens, I like Georgia a lot, and this visit was very successful."

Brown still says all five schools are equal and that he will announce his decision at Harding Academy on February 4, 2009.

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