Dawgs Give to Boys And Girls Club

ORLANDO - The members of the Georgia football team were able to give and receive here on Sunday.

Included in their gifts package from the Capital One Bowl was a $400 gift card to be used at the Best Buy at the Florida Mall on Sunday. Players were able to purchase items throughout the store, everything from televisions to compact discs, from Global Positioning System (GPS) units to video games.

Following their shopping spree, the Bulldogs had approximately $3,000 in unspent money. With that amount, Georgia officials were able to buy several items that will be presented to the Boys and Girls Club of Athens upon the team's return.

The items earmarked for the Boys and Girls Club included four Xbox 360 systems, eight wireless controls with rechargeable battery packs, two Rock Band 2 systems, several video games as well as a gift card to be used at the club's discretion.

"I think this is a good thing," senior punter Brian Mimbs said. "It's nice that the bowl gave us such a great gift. We all are able to get some things that we need and want. At the same time, rather than just spend the money on some things we can do without, we can give something back to the Boys and Girls Club. It's a great feeling."

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