Green Gets Past Groin Injury

ORLANDO – The transition from high school to the SEC hasn't seemed like a tough one for A.J. Green, but as he approaches the finish line of a stellar freshman season, the wide receiver is feeling the effects of the conference's physical football.

Green suffered a groin injury early in the season that never fully healed, and as time has gone on, playing through the pain has become increasingly difficult.

Early in the season, he said, the pain would dissipate as the game went on, but now it's just a nagging injury.

"At the beginning of the season it was like that," Green said, "but right now, the harder I go, it gets a little stiffer."

The effects haven't exactly shown up on the field, as Green leads the SEC in receiving and is just 49 yards shy of becoming Georgia's second 1,000-yard receiver in history.

He hopes to hit that mark Thursday in the Bulldogs' last game of the year, despite saying that the injury has not gotten any better with nearly a month's rest. Once the game ends, however, he'll be happy to take a much-needed vacation from the football field.

"I think I just need a little bit of rest," Green said. "I'm trying to get this thing better just to play and then try to rest it up after that."

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