Vasser Shines in All-Star Game

COLUMBUS - There is no secret that the state of Georgia puts out a lot of great players.

Today, the 2008 edition of Georgia's elite did battle and six of those players are current Georgia commits. Dallas Lee, Shawn Williams, Dexter Moody, Washaun Ealey, Derrick Lott and Chase Vasser played.

While Georgia's commits all proved their worth - it was Chase Vasser who not only played well, but also left with the MVP honors for the North.

What was it like going up against elite players and what did you expect going into this week?

Chase Vasser "I expected it to be really fast and physical and trust me it didn't let me down any. That is exactly what it was. I knew I belonged here, but I was mainly worried about my conditioning. I have been out over a month and half.

Rankings are important to alot of fans and speaking honestly there are some people here that are ranked higher than you. Does that make the MVP award that much sweeter?

Vasser "I know alot of people doubted me because my team didnt play well this year. My stats were down also because I missed two games and the teams ran away from me. I came down here with alot of anger in my eyes and I got a good shot on Washaun. I was ready to hit him, because it will be the only time I will be able to in a while. It's all good though he is my future teammate and we will have some laughs about that hit in the future. I came down here to prove people wrong and I think I did that tonight."

What are you looking forward to about Athens and when are you reporting?

Vasser "I am really looking forward to playing with these guys from down here. I will report to Athens in June. I have a family member that I want to spend some time with this spring and I am going to do that while I can."

What a way to end you high school career with MVP in a all star game.

Vasser "I missed my last game due to injury so I am so thankful that I came down here and played well enough to get that award in my last high school game. I would have much rather won this game, but taking MVP is not too bad"

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