Smith is Ready

Branden Smith is now just days away from announcing where he will play college football. The process has been long, but the elite athlete is ready.

After over 30 Division I programs offered Branden Smith, he built relationships with coaches, he took his five official visits, and he then narrowed it down to four. The time has come and Smith is set to commit.

"I knew as soon as I was invited to the Under Armour game that I wanted to make my decision on national television. To commit on ESPN is a great thing and I am very excited about it."

Smith has been very cool throughout the process with the media. He has done hundreds of interviews, he has sent thousands of text messages out, and he has been kind to all requests, but yet he still has not tipped his hand.

"Nobody knows where I am going right now and I am keeping everyone guessing. I have not told any coaches or anyone yet and everyone will find out on January 4. That is the big day and I will tell everyone then. Everyone thinks they might know and different people think different schools, but I will tell everyone in a few days."

Smith to decide Sunday
Though the process can get hectic and the attention can be overwhelming to some, the 5-foot-11, 172 pound elite athlete out of Booker T. Washington in Atlanta (GA) can't complain. He feels honored to be a recruit of this magnitude and he admits that he may miss it a little.

"The recruiting process has been really good," said Branden Smith. "It is a good process and everybody does not get the chance to be recruited like I have, so I have enjoyed it. I can say I will be glad it is coming to a close, but then again, I can say that I am not. Sometimes it can be hard and stressful, but I just took it all in and had a lot of fun with it."

After reading hundreds of hand written letters from coaches across the country and piling up mail from major universities for the past two years, Smith has narrowed it down to four.

He breaks down his final four here.

Alabama: "Coach Nick Saban is a big reason why I like Alabama. He is a good head coach, he is a former NFL coach, and he really knows a lot about my position."

Florida: "Florida's program is great and they have great fans. When I stepped into Florida's stadium, they were shaking the stadium. They have a lot of great athletes too."

Florida State: "FSU has a good recruiting class this year and they are going back where they used to be as a team. They are very good there."

Georgia: "I like the coaches at Georgia. The players are cool too and I like the fans there too."

Does Smith know what school he will announce when that time comes Sunday evening or will it be a spur of the moment decision?

"I have an idea of where I am going, but anything can happen on January 4. People want me to go to different colleges and I listen to everyone's opinion, but I have to make the best decision for me. I will make my own decision, cancel everyone else out, and make the decision from my heart."

You can bet that coaches from the schools he did not choose will still be calling and trying to visit Smith up until the end of January, but Smith says that won't matter. Once he gives his word, he says he is done.

"When I commit, that is it for me," he firmly stated. "I am only going to commit to one school, so when I commit on January 4, I will be done with recruiting."

In closing, the All-American was asked if he had doubts or second thoughts about his decision that is only a few days away and Smith said, "I am ready."

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