Michigan State Week: Hale's Three Keys

ORLANDO - David Hale's Three Keys to Georgia's game with Michigan State.

Stop Javon Ringer Georgia's recipe for success early in the season was simple: Make the other team one-dimensional. The Bulldogs did an excellent job of that in early matchups with South Carolina, Arizona State and Tennessee, but haven't met with the same success lately. Michigan State, meanwhile, lives and dies with Ringer, and if the Bulldogs can rekindle that early season success and force the Spartans to throw the ball, it could be a fun afternoon for the Georgia defense.

Make adjustments The Bulldogs' disappointing season has been defined not by three losses, but by three bad halves. Against Alabama, Florida and Georgia Tech, a failure to make in-game adjustments when the opposition found success led to a snowball effect that buried the Bulldogs and infuriated the fan base. Georgia's coaching staff needs to prove their metal in this game as much as the players do, and adjusting to the wrinkles the Spartans may have added during the month-long break between games will be key.

Don't do anything stupid The fact is, Georgia is easily the more talented team in this game, but the Bulldogs have shown a propensity to make some poor plays in their past five games. Blocked kicks and punts, turnovers, bad kickoffs and missed tackles have all cost Georgia in recent weeks, and those types of things are exactly what Michigan State needs to stay in this game.

DAVE'S PREDICTION On paper, this game should be a blowout in Georgia's favor, but the Bulldogs haven't had too many of those this year. Add to that the potential disappointment some players might feel about playing in Orlando. rather than in a BCS bowl game, and attitude may also come into play. Michigan State is excited to be here and relishing its role as the underdog. Still, as many of the earlier bowl games have illustrated, there's a big talent gap between the SEC and Big Ten, and that will likely be too much for the Spartans to overcome. The game could be close, but Georgia should prevail.

Georgia 31, Michigan State 24.

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