Lott is all in

All is good for Derrick Lott. Mark Richt, Rodney Garner, and Stacy Searels visited Lott this week and the visit went great. Lott has had some things to think about, but he is all in with UGA.

Florida pushed for Derrick Lott not long after he committed to the University of Georgia and he listened, but never seemed to waver. Then Rodney Garner thought about taking Tennessee up on their offer earlier this week, but he didn't. Both Lott and Garner are staying with Georgia and they spent some time together earlier this week.

"If Coach Garner would have gone to Tennessee, then I would have had to call Georgia to see what they were going to do," said Lott. "He is my future coach and he is part of the reason why I chose Georgia, so I am happy he decided to stay. He mentioned the Tennessee thing when he visited, but he told me he was staying at Georgia and there was not much to talk about.

Head Coach Mark Richt and Stacy Searels joined Coach Garner at the in-home visit with Lott this week. Lott said the visit went well.

"They talked to me about some things; they talked about how things would be when I get to Georgia, how school would be, how I could get playing time, and things like that. I got a lot of good information on how things will be when I am a freshman.

The 6-foot-4, 275 pound athletic defensive lineman has a relationship with all three UGA coaches and he likes their personalities.

"All of them are serious guys, but they like to joke around too. Coach Searels is my recruiting coach and he is a cool guy. I talk to Coach Garner a lot too and I like how he is. He is real serious on the field, but he is cool too. Coach Richt is a real nice guy and he makes me feel comfortable. Playing for those coaches is a perfect fit for me."

Other than joking around, hearing what to expect as a freshman, and eating dinner, the Georgia coaches did talk to Lott about when he enrolls in the summer.

"They just want me to stay in shape," he said. "I am playing basketball now and I will get back to lifting weights after basketball season, but they told me just to keep in good shape. They say I am perfect size right now and they will decide when I get there if I need to go up in size or stay where I am. They like where I am at right now so when I move there in the summer, I plan to be about the same size."

South Carolina held an early lead at one time, but Georgia captured Lott's commitment back in the fall. Just days after Lott committed to the Dawgs, Florida sent him a written offer and turned up the heat. Since then, rumors have swirled about Lott looking at the Gators, but he says there is no truth to that and that he is happy with his decision.

"I am excited about being a Bulldog and I am ready to sign and make everything official. I have been asked about Florida a lot, but I haven't even talked to Florida in over a month. I know I am going to be a Georgia Bulldog and I am looking forward to it."

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