Focused on Georgia

The University of Georgia has no trouble turning preferred walk-ons into major contributors in Athens. It seems they could be close to getting another one. Get the scoop inside.

Georgia is a school that has produced some very good fullbacks over the past decade. An interesting fact that some may not know is over half of those arrived at UGA as preferred walk-ons. Another hard-nosed football player may be the next prospect to fall into these categories in 2009.

"I have just been up here at Hargrave and over in New Jersey working on my academics, so I could be eligible for Georgia," said Tyler King.

Most prospects go to Hargrave Military Academy because they came up a little short on the ACT or SAT, but King's situation was a little different. His grades were in order and he was over 200 points above the required test score, but the problem was, he was not going to be a scholarship athlete at UGA.

He was invited to play at Georgia as a preferred walk-on meaning he was just going into the University as a normal student. His academics needed to be on par with those and Georgia's standards are pretty high.

That has led the 6-foot-1, 255 pound fullback over to New Jersey. That state may sound familiar to some Georgia fans because Jean D'Arcy Maculates (better known as Dr. Mac) helped current Dawgs Kade Weston, Knowshon Moreno, and Caleb King achieve their tests scores.

She runs an educational consulting firm there and King was there up until Christmas eve after getting out of Hargrave for the holiday break.

"I have spent some time up there with her when I am not at Hargrave. I have been working on things at Hargrave too, but Dr. Mac is a big help. Last time I worked with her, I raised my score 100 points, so I hope I can do that again. I was there over Thanksgiving break and I was there again last month up until the day before Christmas. I think she is a huge help."

If the former Buford Wolve improves his score enough, then he will likely be back home playing inside Sanford Stadium.

"Georgia has been up to Hargrave a few times and they keep telling me to get my grades ready and to come in next year," stated King. "Dr. Mac talks to them a lot too and she keeps them updated on how I am doing. I am very close to getting the score I need, so I know I am right there."

At this time, Georgia is the only school on King's mind, but he is not fully closing the door on others yet.

"I am planning to talk to some schools in January after the break, but right now I am still focused on Georgia. I have always been strong on Georgia, they are my number one priority now, and that is where I have always wanted to go."

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